Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

July 12, 2018

One of the places the children, especially Blake, love to visit during the school holidays is anywhere with butterflies. After visiting Butterflies Up-close at Science Centre Singapore multiple times ever since our first visit, we decided to head over to the original Butterfly Park at Sentosa during the June holidays! Going up the platform where […]

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RepTopia and Butterfly Aviary at Singapore Zoo

July 4, 2018

Following our Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, we set out to explore the zoo with one goal – find the new Butterfly Aviary. Blake had enjoyed every trip we made to visit butterflies so far, so why not a third encounter with the butterflies this June holiday? Haha! Whilst we were looking for the butterfly aviary, […]

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Meet the Parents

June School Holidays 2018 Itinerary

May 24, 2018

Just a couple more days to go before it’s the June holidays! Woohoo! And yes, we’re staying put in Singapore again. Haha! Over the past couple of days, the children and I have been talking about places we want to visit and things we hope to do during the 4-week break. They vary from shows […]

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Meet the Children

A Day at Science Centre Singapore

March 14, 2018

Note: This post was written back in 2017. And for some reason, I had forgotten to hit the published key and this had been left in the draft folder ever since. Discovered it by chance again, and now we’re here! It’s finally published! Prior to the September school holidays, the children had mentioned that they […]

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September School Holidays 2017 Itinerary

August 29, 2017

I never had to deal with school holidays up until this year as the children were in childcare for their preschool years. The first term break – March school holidays – went by pretty fast as our days were filled up unexpectedly fast, with the highlight being Disney on Ice. Then came the June holidays. […]

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