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  1. Hello,

    I read your posts about preauricular pits. I have an 8 year old daughter who have pits on both ears. She had a severe infection once, about 3 years ago where the doctor had to lanced it to drain the pus. After that, no major infection occurred. But she always have smelly discharge on both pits. At 8 years old, she is very conscious about it and would question why she have those holes.
    When she had that infection a few years back, I asked the doctor about the possibility of removing it surgically; but doctors here in the UK are not advising it. So we didn’t really pursue it.
    After reading your blog, the idea if surgery has come to me again. How are your kids doing now? Are there any re infection after surgery? Did it left a scar? If yes, how big and visible are they. Are their pits gone for good eventually.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you.


    1. Hi Eldi,

      Thank you for writing to us 🙂

      To answer your questions, my children are doing great now! There has been no re-infection and their wounds healed up perfectly. No visible scarring and their ear pits are closed for good. It’s like the ear pits were never there before!

      I guess different doctors have different opinions with regards to what to do with the ear pits after infection has cleared. The first doctor we met, after my daughter’s first infection, told us there was no need to do anything to it, unless there’s another infection. However, the doctors we met years later at the second infection told us that we should’ve gotten the surgery to remove the ear pit the moment the first infection cleared up. So perhaps it might be good to get a second opinion, especially since your daughter’s ear pits are still producing discharge.

      I hope this helps. Take care and stay safe!

      1. What is the chance for surgery’s success. Do they provide guarantee that they can remove the whole pit in one go. Here the doctors are giving only 80% guarantee that the whole pit can be removed which im very nervous about

        1. Hi Nash’a, my apologies for the delay in reply. I guess, in all surgeries, there’s no 100% guarantee in anything. With ours, the doctors managed to remove the pits, but they also said in very rare cases, a reinfection might still occur. So we can only hope and pray for the best outcome. So far, both my children have been doing well since their surgeries.

          Perhaps you can discuss your concerns with your doctors, and ask them what’s the best course of action. If you still have doubts, perhaps seeking a second or third opinion from different doctors would help.

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