Conversations with Blake #2

Daily rumblings with a three year old

Just a little background before the conversation…

So the husband headed for work overseas last night, and I’ve been terribly upset since. And the boy, who has been tasked with the job of making mommy happy has taken his job seriously, after dinner and watching the movie ‘Planes’ together. Before that, he was constantly screaming in my ears saying, “Cannot, ok? CANNOT!” when I told him big daddy (that’s what Blake calls Sean. Haha!) has gone to work and will only be home on Saturday.

Later that night, while I was tucking the children into bed, Blake suddenly went all quiet on me.

Me: Blake, are you ok? What’s wrong?


Me: Blake, are you sad?

Blake: Yes, Blake is sad. Big daddy go to work.

-I started tearing up-

Blake: No, mommy. Happy! Happy, ok?

-Grins as wide as he can-

Moments later, I caught Blake crying.

Me: Blake, are you crying?

-He wipes a tear off his face-

Blake: No, mommy. Not crying. Happy, ok?

-I teared up again and Blake cups my face-

Blake: Mommy eyes pain pain? No pain pain. Happy, ok? Happy!

-Flashes a mega wide grin and gives me a kiss-

How to not love this little man of the house even more while daddy’s away for work?

Oh, and in case any of you is wondering how Nakayla is doing… She couldn’t be happier that I am bunking in with them at night. And with daddy, her main disciplinarian, out of the picture, she’s really tearing the whole house upside down without a care in the world! She stayed up way past her sleeping time, and kept bugging me to play with her. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the two different behaviors I’m facing with both children, while the husband’s away!

Also, Sean has reported that he has landed and settled in, and missing the family a lot. Only five more sleeps to go before our family reunite! Yay! :D

Birthday Celebration for DJ Violet Fenying

DJ Violet Fenying Birthday Celebration at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant

I’ve never attended a celebrity’s fan club’s celebration for any idol before. So when I was invited to DJ Violet Fenying‘s birthday celebration together with the rest of my mommy blogger buddies – The M.I.C.E. Mom Bloggers Irene, Cherie, and Estella – I honestly have no idea what to expect.

As it turns out, the event was super fun! I had so much fun I couldn’t bear to leave when I had too! Long story short, the husband and I had a clash of events that day, but thankfully, his event was in the late afternoon while this birthday celebration started in the morning!

The birthday party was held at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant, and can I just say, I’m still craving for the food served there since the party?

Just look at all the yummy sushi available!

They had all my favourite foods in one place – Inari Sushi (absolute love!), Tamago Sushi, Ebi Sushi, Kani Sushi, Fried Ebi, Dim Sum, Pizza, Yam Paste (another love!) and… Ben & Jerry’s!!! As you can see, sushi was my top priority that day. And Ben & Jerry’s! Hehe :P

Estella and Irene were the hosts that day

The very short time I held onto the microphone to introduce myself

After we introduced ourselves, I started working. The first job I had was to help with registration, then I moved on to getting the fans to gather and take group photos!

All of DJ Violet Fenying’s fans are so warm and friendly! I was actually a little scared of approaching them, because I was afraid of being rejected. I was wrong. They were in such good spirits, and were more than happy to pose for the camera! Some of them even came up to me to ask for the photo prop! Hehe.

In the midst of it all, I was grabbed to take a photo, and this has got to be the only proper photo I have from that day cos I was really just all over the place, assisting in whatever way I can. I didn’t even take a single photo with my camera! Gasp!

Together with Sakura’s head chef, Agnes from ATMC, Irene, Cherie, and Estella

I do remember posing for a couple of photos, taken by the fans. I wonder if any of you would be so kind to send it my way? I’d really love to keep a copy of the photos too!

All of the guests were also really spontaneous, participating in the games planned for them. Their enthusiasm in being fully supportive towards all of their idol’s events made me feel the love they have for DJ Violet Fenying! And how I wish I can have something similar! It never hurts to feel more love, right? :P

And I did! Not as many as Dj Violet Fenying, but I did meet one of my readers, Jess, there! She even won one of the lucky draw prizes! Hehe. Thanks for saying ‘Hi’ Jess, you really made my day :D

And to much delight of her fans, DJ Violet Fenying arrived!

And it was my privilege to welcome and usher her in! :D

When I introduced myself to DJ Violet Fenying, she immediately recognized my name! We’ve never met before, but she could remember that I sponsored an item in the goodie bag, under Party Favors Singapore. Amazing or what?

Ushering DJ Violet Fenying through the restaurant to get to the center stage was really tough, because she stopped to chat and take photos with all of her fans. Haha. But here’s the best part, she totally remembers all of them! I’m seriously impressed!

Nearing the end of the party (for me at least since I left about 2+ hours before it finally wrapped up), I was a designated flower vase. I felt kind of sad that I didn’t get to stay all the way, but I had fun during the time I was there! And I got to sing the birthday song before leaving too! Hehe.

Tomorrow is DJ Violet Fenying’s actual birthday, on Good Friday too, how awesome! And I’d like to say a few words to her…

Dear DJ Violet Fenying,

If you’re reading this, I wish to tell you that you’ve inspired me to work hard at connecting with my readers, to get to know them better. It’s so wonderful to see how down-to-earth you really are, knowing all your fans so well, and even having a group chat set up so that they can connect directly to you! I am truly amazed by it all.

Here’s wishing you a super happy birthday, and may you and your lovely family stay beautiful and healthy always :)

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by ATMC and received a small fee for transport + complimentary dining for being one of the sponsors. No further compensation were given, and all opinions reflected above are mine and mine only. Unless otherwise stated, photos are taken by the day’s official photographer from Episode Photography.

A First with Canon

Event Sponsored by Canon Singapore

I lost my scrapart virginity to Canon, when they held a ‘Connecting with Canon’ event at EatPlayLove Cafe specially for the mommies and their children (I went alone though :P). And it was awesome!

As usual, I was the ‘class clown’, with more than one funny incident to ice break. Haha!

The very first incident happened when I just arrived.

There was one available parking and it was a parallel lot. I’m okay with parking parallel, if the lot is on the left. But this was on the right! I totally blanked out! I have never parked parallel on the right ever since I got my driver’s license cos the parallel lots at my mom’s place are all on the left. Thankfully, Cherie came to my rescue! Crisis averted! Phew! Time for me to go practice somewhere!

By the time I entered the cafe, everyone knew I had problems parallel parking, and some even came forward to tell me it’s ok, cos they aren’t very fantastic either. Hehe. It was a good ice breaker for sure!

Made it in time for Sin Yee’s introduction of the new products by Canon Singapore

After which, the mommies took turns to have a go with the Canon Selphy CP910, while I ate, and ate, and ate. Hehe. When the coast was close to clear, I went to get my photos printed!

The ease of using the printer was so awesome! And I could connect via WiFi and print from my mobile! I didn’t fully explore the printer that evening because it wasn’t long before another funny incident happened.

You see, while I was printing, everyone was putting together their own scrapart of awesomeness on canvas. I was still printing when someone announced that we were only left with 30 minutes till we have to wrap up! I panicked! Everyone looked at me cos I was still standing at the printer, waiting for my photos to be done. And I was the only one who have yet to start!

I then asked specifically for a square canvas, cos I’ve only ever done up photo collages on my mobile for Instagram posting. And with less space to fill, it should be done faster, right? Haha! That got quite a number of them laughing cos I actually said all that out loud. Haha!

So when my photos were done, I quickly made my way to the art and crafts table, and everyone very graciously made space for me, handing me everything I might need to do up my canvas. Susan, one of the experts in scrapart, helped me by sorting out the photos to use, saying it’s easier when there’s a theme (either occasion or colour). Thank you, everyone!

With all the help rendered and my policy of “anyhow paste will still look nice, cos it’s scrapbooking, right?” at that time, I managed to complete my art work before they started clearing! Yay!

Posing with my canvas proudly :D

Together with Irene, Cherie, and Estella :D

The only thing I was left to do was glaze the canvas with glue. I didn’t have the time to do it on the spot cos it won’t dry in time. And the very kind people at EatPlayLove Cafe packed a little tub of art glue and gave me one of the brushes for it! Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate it!

I came home and showed it to the husband. He said it was beautiful and that it should be displayed! Hehe. He also suggested protecting it further by wrapping it with clear plastic wrap. And my very first piece of scrapart on canvas has been standing proudly in the living room for all to see ever since! :D

Disclaimer: I was invited by Canon Singapore to test out their latest photo printer (and to do scrapart on canvas!) and some of the newly launched cameras, but I only got to use the printer cos, well, read above. Haha! Other than having all scrapart materials provided, I receive no other compensation and opinions are 100% my own.

Nakayla’s First Swim Class

About two weekends back, Nakayla joined Blake in the swimming pool for her first swim class. Her class was just before Blake’s which meant only more water play time for the boy, which made him super happy. Haha!

Before we left home, I asked Blake if he thought Nakayla would cry on her first lesson. He just replied a simple, “No!” He did give a longer speech the following week, though. Haha!

So how did Nakayla fare in her first swim class? Well, there were a lot of crying, especially when she sees me on the sides taking photos. Haha.

My dad easing Nakayla into the pool with all the toys

She was both cold and scared

Cue the cries, when she spotted me

Then she got a little too close to the water for comfort

But she did pretty good, able to keep her legs straight and do some kicking!

Nakayla’s first swimming class was completely unlike Blake’s. Main reason being, Blake was about 3 years old and totally into swimming by then, and baby girl started just after she turned 16 months old! At 16 months old, Blake also just started on his journey to overcome his fear of swimming pools! Hehe. So, give and take, in about 2 months time, I think Nakayla will be super happy to go for swimming classes!

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Singapore!

Sponsored Tasting Session by Menchie’s Singapore

If it hasn’t been obvious enough, here’s me declaring it – I’m a HUGE dessert fan. I don’t need appetizers or mains for meals. But I really need desserts. I happily had ice cream buffet twice for lunch in a week once, but didn’t manage to continue cos no one will go with me. Hehe.

So when I got an invitation to visit Menchie’s Singapore for a delightful evening with my family and friends, the answer is an absolute ‘Yes!’

With my baby girl, Nakayla, and the huge selection of flavors behind us. Over 90 flavors on rotation!

I love how it’s self-serve (but you can ask for help!) cos I’ve always liked filling up my own ice cream cup

And I can determine how much rainbow sprinkles I want! Hehe!

Just throwing in some of my favourites – Longan and Nata de Coco

My yums – Tutti Frutti Sorbet mixed with Peach Sorbet and Red Velvet Cake topped with Rainbow Sprinkles, Longan, Nata de Coco and Mini Oreos

I absolutely LOVE Tutti Frutti Sorbet! I can still remember the refreshing tropical taste! Yums! Based on what I remember, it’s a blend of a few fruit flavors, of which I only remember pineapple and coconut. Haha. It’s crazy delicious!

Besides Sean and the children, I had also brought my younger sister, Sonia, along cos she’s a huge fan of frozen yogurt. She fell instantly in love with the flavor, Peanut Butter, and filled her entire cup with just that. I have shots of her rapturous face at first taste of Peanut Butter, but I’ll be nice and, you know, not put it up. Haha! But honestly, her expression was so epic that the staff were just so amused! Menchie’s, your frozen yogurt is just too orgasmic! Hehe.

Speaking of the staff… They are a great bunch of cheerful people! They constantly have a smile on their face, and are always more than ready to assist. Super friendly! Thumbs up!

Sean and Blake joined us a little later, and I could tell that the boy was really excited to be in Menchie’s. The bright and colourful shop, filled with Menchie’s own cartoon characters, makes everything look super happy and fun. Very enticing for any child, that’s for sure!

Blake found it funny when the ice cream came out of the machine. Hehe!

And he had a lot of fun watching it swirl into his cup!

“Only rainbow, mommy! Only rainbow!”

That’s a big cup for a small boy!

Blake had Cookie & Cream (I like this too!) and Caramel, topped with rainbow sprinkles. He was so spoiled for choice that he didn’t know what to choose, so the husband and I picked out the flavors for him instead, and he loves them! Hehe. My baby has a sweet tooth, just like mommy! :D

Remember when I said earlier that it was a delightful evening with family and friends? Well, Irene and her family were with us too! We had the entire party room to ourselves! Hehe.

With Irene

There were also props for us to take photos with!

I had such a great time that evening that we stayed till almost closing before leaving. It’s a really great place to go and just relax with friends. I must return for more Tutti Frutti Sorbet soon!

Thanks for having us, Menchie’s!

Oh yes… You can catch Menchie’s mascot every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

And now, for the best part!


The very awesome people over at Menchie’s Singapore is giving away $30 worth of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt each to 3 lucky families! Yay!

To enter this giveaway and win yourself $30 worth of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, simply follow the steps below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update: Congratulations to our winners!

Sorry, I have no idea how to display the winners in the newly upgraded Rafflecopter widget, so I screen shot the winners instead :P

* * *

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Vivo City
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6376 9323
Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
1. Open to all living in Singapore
2. Giveaway ends at 2359 hours (that’s 11:59PM) of 13 April 2014 (Singapore time)
3. Incomplete entries will automatically be disqualified without notice
4. Three (3) winners will be randomly picked and announced on my Facebook Page by 14 April 2014, Monday
5. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
6. Confirmation emails will be sent to the winners
7. Winners to present confirmation email at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt to enjoy the giveaway
8. The giveaway is valid for $30 worth of frozen yogurt. Any additional cost incurred will be borne by the guest
9. Winners can enjoy the giveaway from 1st May 2014 – 30th June 2014

Disclaimer: We were invited to a frozen yogurt tasting session at Menchie’s Singapore for the purpose of this review. No additional compensation was given. All opinions reflected in this post are my own :)