Love Through Actions

I’ve always had someone or more sharing a bedroom with me all my life – from siblings to husband. I hardly ever have to sleep alone.

But ever since we had children, and the husband is usually the one who will tuck the children into bed, there were nights where I’d be all alone in our bedroom.

Nights like these, I leave the bathroom light on because I’m too scared to sleep in the dark alone. I never knew I was that afraid of the dark!

More than once, I’d fall asleep, only to wake up after a nightmare in cold sweat and be unable to fall asleep again (just the other night, I dreamt that someone wanted to boil Nakayla and eat her up!). Sometimes, I’d wake up to the husband next to me, which will send waves of relief over me. All I had to do was pull his arms over me, and I’ll be back in dreamland again.

Other times, I wake up alone.

I’ll try my best to fall back asleep on my own, but when I can’t, I’ll head out into darkness to drag the husband back into the room with me, regardless of the time (often in the a.m. before sunrise). Without fail, the husband always follows knowingly.

However, in the wee hours of a particular Monday morning, he apparently had no recollection of moving into the room with me! He had been wondering how he had moved from one room to the next without actually moving, when I apologized for disturbing his sleep again.

Then, he made me feel bad, in a sweet way.

He asked me why I couldn’t sleep, and when I told him I had a nightmare, he asked me what it was about. Honestly, by the time I woke up, I had no idea what it was! And, instead of being annoyed with me, he just smiled and shrugged it off!

It made me feel bad, cos it sounded like I was being scared for nothing. And in many ways, being selfish for disturbing his sleep so that I can get mine.

But at the same time, I was feeling all sorts of love for and from my husband there and then!

And if you’re wondering what’s the ‘moral of the story’ here, there is none.

There is also no ‘the end’.

Because there will be more nights ahead with me waking up in cold sweat, and dragging the husband back into the room in the middle of the night. And he’d do it for me, whether knowingly or not. Hehe!

Flashback Friday: Nakayla’s First Haircut


Every now and then, people will be asking me why Nakayla’s hair was cut so short. Some even commented how daring we were to do it. After all, most little girls have long hair now, right?

In all honesty, I wanted to grow her hair out too. I mean, just look at how cute she is!

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Remember last November when Nakayla suffered from preauricular infection?

Well, we noticed signs of inflammation again, and sometimes, there would be the smell of pus. Doing what we feel was best to prevent a re-infection, we decided to cut off the hair on the sides, allowing the hole to breath and remain as dry as possible. There’s no way I’m going through another round of feeding her antibiotics for 14 days!

As a result of the snip off the sides, her hair looked way out of proportion. This was when I decided professional help was required!

The only problem was… The hair salon I have brought Blake to on the last two occasions has closed down! I was upset and at a complete lost. I wasn’t thinking much and just allowed my legs to carry us to the next place my brain could churn up.

Next thing I know, we were standing inside EC House (Tampines Mall).

I guess my brain had a momentary flashback when searching for hair salons in the vicinity, because Blake had his first professional haircut at EC House too! Only difference is, Blake visited the outlet at Bedok Point. Haha!

As usual, the girl was cool as cucumber

During the time Nakayla was having her hair cut, a group of old ladies had gathered at the entrance of the shop to watch Nakayla. I could hear them discussing among themselves as to how unbelievable it is to have a young child sit so still and not make a sound during a hair cut. They even asked me how old she was, and was further blown away when I revealed she was 19 going 20 months old then.

What can I say? I’m super proud of my little girl!

Here’s hoping I’m not jinxing it though. After all, Blake did well on his first haircut, but not so good on his third. It’s never a sure thing with the children!

But the next time I bring either or both children for a haircut, I’m heading down to the EC House at Bedok Mall!

Just look at it!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. Somehow, I’m drawn to EC House for $10 haircuts. Although, if EC House would like my children to be ambassadors for their brand, or sponsor them, I won’t say no if the terms and conditions are right! Hehe.

* * *

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