Flashback Friday: Mommy, I Want Cookies!


On a Sunday afternoon many months back, Blake specially requested to bake cookies to eat. He didn’t want any store bought cookies, he insisted on baking his own.

A part of me is really reluctant to bake because I have no more ingredients left to bake with (stopped because of my hand eczema) and buying all those ingredients meant a lot of it would go to waste because what are the odds that he will want to bake again soon? Then it hit me.

There’s such a thing as premixes! Haha!

I ran through five supermarkets to get this pack!
This flavor is so difficult to get!

Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Chip Cookie

Nakayla saw and wanted to join in, but she decided to be the supervisor. Haha!

They waited and waited for the cookies to transform from dough

DING! All done!

The cookies were all gone in a split second, saved for some that I purposely kept aside for the next day. Haha! I should probably stock up on the premixes for days like these. This way, I won’t have to run five supermarkets just to find the flavor he likes!

* * *

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Amazingly Still

Baby and Junior Race 2014

Sponsored by eXplorerkid

Last month, Blake and Nakayla took part in their first ever ‘Baby and Junior Race’ by eXplorerkid!

As they were both in different age categories, they competed in different races, on different days. The event is so big that they had to hold two full days of races!

Day One: Nakayla’s Race

We reached fairly early, so early that some of the booths weren’t open yet!

Then it was time to race :D

Instead of running, my baby girl cat-walked down the lane

Even putting it into the basket required a delicate touch!


As there weren’t much to do after the race, we headed home earlier than I had planned. It’s a good thing too, because we used the coupons for all the fun activities the next day, when Blake joined us!

Day Two: Blake’s Race

It was so crowded the following day, a far cry from the day before!

With over 250 participants in the race category Blake was in, and only 10 lanes to race at 3+ minutes interval, it was a long wait for a lot of us. Blake was so anxious for his turn that he became restless and grouchy, running out of queue twice! This naturally got us frustrated because it meant that we would have to queue up again! Sigh.

Eventually, things worked out – all thanks to Jenny from eXplorerkid!

Prepping Blake for the race

And go!

I can only direct by pointing (no touching!) and watch on as Blake put the pieces together

Love this shot taken by Sean from the sides!

After Blake finished his race (he didn’t get his certificate till much later as they printed Nakayla’s name instead of his), we took a walk around the booths and maximized the coupons we were given – the children had ice cream, played in the bouncing castle, and Sean bought them candy floss on a stick!

Me: Why not just get those packed in containers?
Sean: This way, they will get to see how it’s made!

Saving the best for last, we took the children out for a circuit run operated by Ready Steady Go Kids. They had a blast! And the whole circuit to themselves :P

A terrific day out with the children filled with tons of activities and yummy food! Thanks for having us, eXplorerkid!

Disclaimer: We were invited to participate in the Baby and Junior Race 2014 by eXplorerkid. No further compensation were received. All opinions are mine.