1. All opinions reflected on this website are 100% my own. It does not represent any of my family members or friends’ views, unless otherwise stated.

2. I do my best to express my views as positively as possible. However, some negative views are inevitable, especially for product/service reviews, and I have to put it out there to provide a honest review to my readers.

Should you be offended by any of my views, kindly email me and share your thoughts with me. I might just need a second opinion to enlighten my own point of views. But please, no ‘holier than thou’ attitude. No one is superior to another. We all have rights to have our own point of views 🙂

Should any of the product/service reviews I have done for your company not be reflected in the light you had hoped, please do invite me back for a second round. I very much welcome new and improved products/services 🙂

3. All materials (read: everything!) on this blog belong to me, images watermarked or not, unless otherwise stated. I credit my sources, and so should you.

Should you wish to use any of this material (commercial/non-commercial use), kindly contact me and we will take it from there.

4. For all queries, please email me at amazinglystill@gmail.com


1. All content on this website are part of my online journal through my days after becoming a mother. In other words, it’s for entertainment purposes only. Any information found here (or links to other website) may or may not be accurate and/or up to date; So please do your own research and use at your own discretion as I will not be liable for any unfortunate incidents that may or may not follow after you read my blog.

2. I accept sponsorship, paid advertorials and other forms of benefits/compensation in exchange for a blog post, but I reserve the right to reject any offers that are not suitable for my family and the blog. Credibility is of great importance to me.

3. While we may accept sponsorship, paid advertorials and other forms of benefits/compensation, it will not affect our judgement on the product/service that has been sponsored or paid for. All opinions reflected are honest and 100% my own.

4. Classification of Sponsored/Media Invite posts:
– Sponsored posts: Products/services etc. and/or compensation were received for the intended purpose of a review.
– Media Invite posts: I was invited to the event as media.

5. Any comments that contain vulgarities or personal information (e.g. mobile numbers, home addresses) will not be published, and I reserve the right to edit/delete any comments that are offensive and are of ‘personal attack’ nature.

6. Everything listed here are subjected to change without any given notice.

7. This ‘Disclaimer’ page was written with reference to Mummy Moo’s Disclaimer.

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