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The First Post

April 11, 2012

Just a bit of background information for my first post. My husband, Sean, and I (I’m Mabel, by the way) have been married for 5 lovely years when we got pregnant. The pregnancy period had been awesome and very, very exciting! And when baby (that will be Blake!) arrived in this world, things couldn’t get any better 🙂

Except, I haven’t been having the best memory of late.

When I try to recall some of the fonder memories from Blake’s first year, almost everything is a haze! And that’s not good! I mean, I can remember it in bits and pieces, but I can’t quite put them all together 🙁 I want to be able to tell my boy about stories of and how he was when growing up; from peeing on the nurse when he was born (first order of business upon arriving into this world, so to speak) to his first baby talk to his first step… everything!

Last night, I kept tossing in bed, wondering how I could best manage a diary of some sort, which won’t require much effort, can be left unattended, and without fear of Blake destroying it. Don’t know why the internet never occured to me until now (I blame my wonked out brain).

I might just print every single post out too, to file them. You know, just in case everything disappears (remember Friendster, anyone?).

So basically, this journal records every possible moment I spend with my little family, and how I grew up with them.

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