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Bus Rides Home from School

August 5, 2012

Bus rides home from Blake’s school is always a nightmare for me. Before leaving the house to pick Blake up, I will mentally prepare myself to miss at least one or two buses before being able to board one that’s fairly crowded.

Once, we had to wait till the 7th bus before we could board! I picked him up late that day, and had to squeeze with the super peak hour crowd. By the time we boarded the bus, Blake was very cranky. Poor boy must be wondering why we were stuck at the bus stop for so long!

On days when we managed to board the first bus that comes along, Blake will give a loud roar of, “Yay!” upon boarding the bus, which always amuses the bus driver. Haha.

Blake has also taken a liking to wave and say, “Hello” and “Bye, see you” to all the buses that stops at the bus stops, so much so that most drivers will wave back at him before leaving. Once, a bus driver stopped and got off the bus to pass Blake a piece of chocolate! I was surprised, so were Blake and the people at the bus stop. I couldn’t stop laughing! Days like these really do chase all negativities away.

Yes, that’s creepy eye at the side is me. Haha!

I have also been very lucky to meet kind-hearted people on the buses we take home. Whenever there were no seats left, people would immediately get up and offer their seats to us. There were only two very unpleasant encounters (seat snatchers), but even then, I had aunties who got up to shame those people and gave up their seats to us. I am eternally grateful to all these aunties who had our backs.

And because Blake has been taking the bus for most parts of his life, with the exception of the first 6 months where we took taxis a lot, he is quite a good commuter! He says, “Bye” to all the passengers getting off. And now, as long as he has his own seat, he will either sit quietly or stand the whole way, admiring the scenery outside the window, pointing at things he see and ‘commenting’ on them. Hehe. This little boy is so curious of his surroundings! I like!

Hmm… Come to think about it, the bus rides home from Blake’s school is not so much of a nightmare after all!

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