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Blake’s 2nd Birthday – Preparations

September 16, 2012

Plans for Blake’s 2nd birthday celebration started as early as January – selecting of theme(s), caterer, baker, testing out various party favor ideas etc. Sounds like a huge project, yes? It is to me! But I didn’t go into full force till the month before the party, though the venue was booked 6 months in advance. Hehe.

Initially, I came up with two birthday party themes, both of which are his favourite English cartoons – Fisher Price Little People and BBC’s The Octonauts. Then, I realized I had to choose only one, cos at that time, Blake hadn’t attended preschool yet. I was so torn between the two; I stopped thinking about the party altogether! That is, until Blake started school… His first birthday party in school! Hehe. So glad I managed to use both themes in the end, cos I had so much fun experimenting with the party favors!

Starting early also gave me time to look for bakers. The bakery I was relying on from the very beginning decided to close for a few months worth of renovating works, slated 1-2 weeks before Blake’s birthday party! Thankfully, I found out about this closure rather early on, and with a plea on Facebook, I managed to find another baker in time. I think she will be our permanent baker too! More on her, and the photographer we hired to take beautiful photos for us, in later posts.

Once majority of the outsourced items were settled, and I have confirmed the day of celebration in school, I focused on the items that I needed to work on. Then, I found out that Blake’s birthday celebration falls on the same day the school will be celebrating teacher’s day, so it’s kind of a double-whammy for me. I have to prepare party favors for his schoolmates, and gifts for the teachers!

Alright, enough of words. I shall now let the photos do the talking 😛

Colourful gift boxes I made for the party favors

Packing and sealing them up!

Phew! All 50 boxes, done!

Made some Cookies and Cream Muffins for the children too, cos it coincides with their tea-break, and I wasn’t sure if the cake was going to be enough to go all around the school.

Packed the muffins along with packs of Oreo cookies, cos the very crazy me bought 4 boxes worth of Oreos from NTUC when I saw they had the 100th Birthday Box that came with a glass. Haha. (Yes, I just had to have the ‘Daddy’, ‘Mommy’, and 2 ‘Me’ glasses!)

More cookies and cream muffins, but this time round it’s for the teachers!
They like the muffins I baked, so I thought this would be more appropriate as a party favour to them, instead of the kiddy items in the gift pack.

Moving on to teacher’s day gift!

I thought about it for quite a while, and it seemed fitting to give them gifts related to flowers cos the preschool is called Honey Tree (considering all the teachers are females too)!

I came up with this in the end,

Ok, ending abruptly now. I shall leave you with a picture taken during Blake’s birthday celebration in school with my own personal camera. Yes yes, I know, hire photographer already still bring my own camera along to take photos. Haha. What can I say? I love photos!

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