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Blake’s First Christmas Celebration in School

December 31, 2012

The day that Blake’s school celebrated Christmas was also the day Nakayla turned a month old, and ever since Nakayla was born, our baby boy seemed to be neglected. I decided to do something special for him, and decided to surprise him in school with a Christmas cake for everyone!

Prior to attending the Christmas party in school, I had prepared a gift for his class’ gift exchange.

It’s a Bear Coin Bank in there!

Every child was to bring a gift worth $5. The school even reminded us parents to avoid giving sweets and chocolates as gift. Turns out, the gift Blake chose had a bag of gummies attached to it. Looks like not all parent paid heed to the reminder. Blake was more than happy to receive the gummies though. He finished the gummies within two days.

Anyway, back to the school celebration! Haha.

After I had picked the cake up from my friend Nastash of Tash Bakes, I headed straight to Blake’s school.

Blake was surprised to see me, and for a moment, he appeared to be in a blur. He hugged me tightly, and kept trying to get me to walk out of the school. I had to explain to him that I was there to celebrate Christmas with him and his school mates. He was back to his normal chirpy self after a while, and began to play while waiting for the celebrations to start!

The t-shirt Blake wore was bought by my mom from USA about two years ago

A mandatory shot with me! Haha!

Soon, all the children gathered to listen to Christmas stories, but my boy sat with me at the side instead of joining his friends. Slowly, his classmates were all over the place, carried by different teachers, while the older children sat through the two stories. I guess the attention span for children of my boy’s age is only that long. Haha.

This boy would rather play with mommy than join in the Christmas celebrations with his friends

After storytelling, all the children got up to sing songs and play a game of puzzles.

After all the fun, it was lunch time!

Then they started to distribute some of the food that parents brought to contribute to their Christmas Pot Luck.

Blake liked this custard cake that a mother baked.
Time for me to look for a similar recipe!

The school had intended to keep the cake I brought for tea time, but I had planned to bring Blake home after lunch as I still had to settle some things for Nakayla’s full month celebrations, which was the very next day. I spoke to the principal about it and she said it was not a problem, but she’ll only distribute the cake among his class. The other children will have to wait till tea time.

The very cute and yummilicious cake by Tash Bakes
It’s Red Velvet Cake with Lemon Cream and Chocolate Ganache. Absolutely delicious!

When the principal opened the cake box, a few of them who saw it first exclaimed how pretty and beautiful the caked looked. The principal then said she will show all the other children the cake first before distributing. After showing all the children the cake, and they wowed non-stop, all the cameras came out. A couple of teachers wanted a photo of the cake before it was ‘destroyed’. Haha. After that was done, we contemplated on where we should cut the cake cos the cake looked too pretty! We finally settled on doing away with the trees first since it was right at the bottom. Haha.

After all the yum yums were finished, it was time for the children to shower. I decided to let Blake shower before heading home. He was in a complete mess after all the food. I don’t want to have to carry a sticky boy home!

Whilst waiting for his turn to shower, Blake took some toys out to play. When it was time for him to shower, he surprised me by keeping all the toys before following his teachers to the bathroom! Why is he not like this at home? Why?! Sigh.

After his shower, we said our goodbyes to his teachers and headed home.

To have a happy boy over the Christmas weekend? Checked!

Note: Sean had gone to the pediatrician’s clinic with Nakayla to get her vaccination done, so only I showed up at Blake’s school.

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