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Flashback Friday #37 : The Cooling Patch

March 29, 2013

15 September 2011: Blake developed a slight fever after taking his vaccination. He was upset that we put the cooling patch on him, but was still in good spirits!

And in line with the new linky, Friday Five, here are my five tips on vaccination/caring for a sick baby:

1. Bring extra plaster to replace the one the doctor pasted after about 15 minutes. It’s usually soaked with blood by then!

2. Have cooling gel patches ready for the onslaught of fever! The bigger the patch, the better. The longer it says it stays cool on the package, the better too!

3. If the cooling gel patch fail to stick on, like they are supposed to, use cute kiddy plasters to hold it down!

4. When feeding medication, use a syringe and put it at the back of your child’s mouth, aiming for the side of the throat. Remember to squirt in a little at a go. Shooting it all at once might risk choking your child or having your child spit everything out!

5. Let your child sleep as much as he/she wants, but if they are up for food and play, give it to them! 😀

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