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Flashback Friday #39: Day at the Beach

April 12, 2013

13 October 2011: I brought Blake to the beach again. This time round, we spent time playing with sand! Hehe.

Initially, I didn’t intend to let Blake go onto the sand. I solely planned to just let him sit on the plastic sheet I had brought along and just enjoy the sea breeze + view. But Blake slowly ventured out of the plastic sheet on his own, and there was no stopping him!

He enjoyed himself quite a bit, but I think he had a hard time moving around. During this period, he was still unable to walk unassisted, and crawling on the sand was painful for him, with all the sand and tiny stones.

Spent the afternoon there, before proceeding to the swimming club (mad love the club’s location! Hehe.) to wash up and have dinner with Sean, who joined us after work.

First, a meal at McDonald’s and playing at the playground!

Just before proceeding to the beach

Before venturing out onto the sandy beach

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