HAACH Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth

March 9, 2015

Media Invite

In the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year, I was invited to HAACH to try out one of their facial services – Phytopeautics Everlasting Youth! This treatment is said to be able to boost the production of skin stem cells for fine lines and wrinkles reduction!

I know some of you might be thinking, what lines do you have?!

Well, I have some laugh lines, which are not very visible on camera (yet). And this has been on my face since before I reached adulthood. A case of laughing and smiling too much? Hehe.

And besides, it’s never too early to start preventive measures, right? 😛

The awful state of my face after the initial cleanse

The first step before starting treatment is to strip my face bare naked with HAACH’s cleansing milk, followed by cleasing foam. And that revealed quite the unsightly appearance above. Just look at the roughness of my skin! I’m obviously not providing the best care for my skin at the moment.

Once my face was cleansed, the treatment began!

For most parts of my treatment, I was drifting in and out of sleep. The process was so relaxing and soothing, it’s really inevitable! It also helped that they adjusted the bed to ensure that I was in a truly comfortable position.

The treatment started with HAACH’s signature Perfecting the Past deep peel, followed by something they referred to as Class Proportion. I can’t exactly remember what it is, but I do remember going, “my laugh lines seem to have disappeared!” when they brought the mirror to show me the difference. Haha. I was obviously too high up in the clouds of bliss to be taking down notes. Oops!

I do remember something during the extraction process, and that is, I managed to shock another person with my love for the extraction process. Hehe. Seriously, if you want me to fall asleep while doing facial, just do a very detailed facial extraction for me. I’ll be in lala land in no time! 😛

And as though the extraction wasn’t sleep inducing enough for me, I had the most invigorating facial massage! While it could have been a little more intense for me, it was still one of the better facial massages I have received in a while because it lasted a lot longer than most. That in itself is a major plus for me!

And what follows after the facial massage is one intense shoulder massage. One word: Amazing!

The end of the shoulder massage meant that I was all ready for the final step, and in my opinion, the most important. The Phytophytopeautics Masque!

All that prepping and massages so that I could drift happily into lala land the moment the masque was on and stay there until someone wakes me up… Absolute bliss!

When it was time to remove the masque, I was pretty upset. How could time past so fast when I was enjoying myself in such a relaxing manner!? Sigh.

I must say though, I’m pretty impressed with how the skin on my face turned out.

Immediately after treatment

Much smoother than when I first stepped into HAACH, with a hint of glow! Hehe.

Thank you so much for your care, HAACH!

* * *

Experience an unmatched, luxurious experience that reverses the aging cycle from HAACH for total rejuvenation! This indulging treatment uses the new scientific breakthrough ingredient, Alps Botanical stem cells from a rare Swiss apple!

This advanced anti-aging technology harnesses free radicals, brightens the complexion, softens and smoothens the skin’s texture. The skin’s appearance is visibly enhanced and rejuvenated with HAACH’s Phytopeautics Everlasting Youth!

Phytopeautics Everlasting Youth is a 60 minutes long treatment and is priced at $521.

* * *

181 Orchard Road Unit 03-10/11
Singapore 238896

Tel: 6238 0123

Operating hours:
Weekdays – 10am to 10pm
Weekends – 10am to 8pm

Disclaimer: I was invited to HAACH on behalf of AT Marketing Consultancy for the purpose of this review.

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