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Tummy Time

April 22, 2012

Tummy times are great for babies. It a way for them to learn how to use their body muscles to the fullest, which is essential for babies cos this will progress to sitting, crawling, standing and eventually, walking. Tummy time helps ‘teach’ your baby how to lift their heads up, how to flip, basically use every muscle in their body!

We didn’t start Blake on tummy time as early as some parents do (some start as young as 1 month old!). No, it’s not cos we were afraid or anything. We didn’t know about it! I only found out about it after reading some materials that were sent to me via a website called Baby Center (Singapore). It’s an awesome website, by the way, if you’re a first time parent. It helps you track your pregnancy progress, and your baby’s first year. It was sort of the guide that got us through this period.

So, when we found out about tummy time, we started to do a once a day ‘training’ for him. In the beginning, he wasn’t very please about it. He cried quite a lot, but slowly, he got used to it! He even begin to enjoy being on his tummy more than on his back!

14 January 2011:

We had tons of fun during this period! I remember spending almost every waking moment that’s free of feeding, cleaning etc. on our bed having tummy time with him (this was after he has gotten used to tummy time and enjoyed it). It was also the period where I can just leave him on the bed (he couldn’t turn yet!), cushion all corners, and fall asleep on the end of the bed. Haha. Not recommended, by the way. But I was often tired and lying on the bed… Well, it just goes one way. Haha!

18 January 2011:

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