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Before Attending Preschool

June 13, 2012

Prepping for Blake’s first day of school started as early as a few months ago.

First order of business, to find the preschool that’s comfortable with Blake and us. We actually had a list of schools we wanted to enroll Blake in, but most of them were pretty far from our house. On top of that, some did not accept children younger than 30 months old, while others were already full.

Then I remembered there was a preschool near our place. Only problem was, I have no idea what the school was called!

I knew where it was located at though, so I went onto Google Maps, searched for the road name, and went into street view. Zoomed in to the location where the preschool stood, and ta-dah! I got the school name! Haha.

With the preschool’s name, I found the website and contact number. After a couple of calls, and making two trips down with Sean and Blake – first to check out the environment, teachers, program etc, and second time to confirm Blake’s place in the school – Blake has been enrolled!

Once we have confirmed his place at Honey Tree and bought his school uniforms, the first thing I went to look for was a school bag. I had so many choices (and all at different prices!), but alas, it was when I was at Takashimaya that I came home with Blake’s first school bag. It was really by chance. I was in the area, and went there to pack lunch home, only to find that there was a bags and luggage fair! 😀

After getting his school bag, the next thing on my list were name labels. From shoes to bag, uniforms to bottles, I needed labels for everything he was going to bring to school!

Searched the internet high and low, and found this website called Stuck on You. I’ll have to put a little warning here though, it does not come cheap. But, their products look really awesome and cute! The best part is, you can personalize it with the many icons, colours, and fonts available. Chinese character printing can also be done (only on selected labels).

I bought the Orientation Value Pack (bag tag not featured above), and added a slap band for when he has school excursions. I have to say, after receiving the labels and using them, I found the quality good too! Definitely worth the amount paid.

For this first batch of labels, I specifically designed the labels to follow the robot/alien/outerspace theme. I have just ordered another bag tag and slap band to match his school’s excursion bag, and this time round, I went with the animal theme! 🙂

So awesome to be able to get some retail therapy done along the way, even if it’s not for me.

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