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Blake’s First Day of School – Getting There

June 17, 2012

Preparation for Blake’s first day of school started about at least a month ago. You can read about it here.

A month before the first day of school, I’ve been trying to adjust Blake’s sleeping time. He sleeps really late at night, and sleeps through till noon the next day on most days. But if he’s going to school, waking up at 12 noon is definitely a big no-no! He’ll miss all the important classes!

One month of trying to adjust obviously failed, because Blake slept really late the night before the first day! I didn’t get much sleep either, even though I was down with a cold, cos I was too excited! Hahaha!

June 15, 2012

7am: My alarm clock rang, I got up to get myself ready first, and to make sure I’ve packed all of the items into Blake’s school bag. I was so excited and nervous that it took me 30 minutes to get ready, with most of the time spent staring at my wardrobe wondering what to wear! Yes, I know, female woes. Haha.

7.30am: I woke Blake up and gave him his milk. He was happy to see his milk, but drank with his eyes closed until he saw me taking photos of him.

Can’t a boy have his milk and sleep at the same time in peace?

While Blake was drinking his milk, my dad messaged to say he’ll be over in about 5 minutes to pick us up for breakfast, before sending Blake to school. The moment I received the message, I panicked. How was I to dress Blake, wear his shoes, and move him out of the house, and down in 5 minutes when he has yet to finish his milk?

Thankfully, he finished his milk pretty fast, and he co-operated when I changed his diapers, and wore his school uniform for him. He attempted to fall back asleep, but I quickly picked him up.

I know, late already but still want to take photos. Haha 😛

Brought him out to the living room, and the moment he saw his shoes on the floor, he brightened up! He quickly sat down, and waited for me to wear it for him. After which, he ran to the door and waited for me. Hehe.

The minute I opened the door, Blake started “jogging on the spot”, moving his hands wildly and getting all excited. He probably thought we were going out to play. Haha. Opened the gate and he ran out (I was holding his hands). I could tell he was really excited, but stood still whilst I locked the door and gate. When I turned to say, “Let’s go!” He took off! (still holding my hands, don’t worry!) He ran towards the lift and pressed the button and waited for the lift’s arrival impatiently.

Blake pointed out my dad’s car when we reached the ground floor and he ran promptly towards it. I think he thought we were going to the swimming pool, cos my dad always gives us a lift to the swimming pool at the club.

But when he got in, he saw my mom, and my brother, then he started to get nervous. I guess things like,“uh-oh, I’m not going swimming or to play” ran past his mind, cos he grabbed my fingers really tightly for a good part of the journey! He only relaxed for a bit when I told him we’re going to have breakfast.

After breakfast with my parents, my mom left for work and my dad drove us to school! Blake was pretty nervous throughout the car ride.

Yes, he got pretty annoyed with me and the camera.
It’s been in his face the whole morning. Haha.

Off to school we go!

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