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One Week Later

June 22, 2012

It’s been a week since Blake started school, and so much has been happening! The progress my big boy is making in school, me getting a kick start back at working on my random projects, having more me-time and couple time with hubs – just to name a few.

So here’s a quick one week report of how things have gone so far. Not many pictures as I have not been able to capture any shots of Blake in school.

18 June 2012: After returning from the weekend break, it was Blake’s second day of school! The day started out pretty much the same as the first day of school. Only difference is, Sean joined us 🙂

Blake cried the moment he got out of my dad’s car. When my dad drove off, he attempted to run after it, which Sean and I found rather hilarious. Sean then carried him into the school, and handed him over to his teacher, 蒙老师 (Teacher Meng). We left shortly after.

After their lunchtime, I sent a text message to 蒙老师, to check on Blake’s progress, and to seek her advice as to when to pick Blake up. According to 蒙老师, Blake did not cry as loudly and as long as the first day; It was still on and off crying though. He also did not eat much for lunch, but when they gave him Honey Stars cereal, he ate away happily. That was what the children had for breakfast, by the way. Haha. Next thing I know, Blake had fallen asleep during nap time. 蒙老师 actually patted him to sleep. Such patience! I don’t even do that with Blake anymore!

When we picked Blake up, after their tea time, he looked really dazed. It was as though he went through some time-warping machine, but it took him less than half an hour to be back to his normal self again! We rewarded him for job well done in school with some playtime at the swimming pool!

19 June 2012: Blake did better on day three!

He did not eat much for lunch, although he did eat whatever snacks I packed for him. I was truly shock when I opened his bag, and realized that the snacks (except one) were gone! He was also more active, and went running around the classroom and hall after his afternoon nap, while others were still sleeping. Haha. 蒙老师 had to accompany him and play with him during this period. I can only imagine how tedious that must be!

When I went to pick him up, I stood at the door to his classroom, with his back to me. He was busy playing with a toy, the only child with a toy, might I add. His teachers called out to him, and I called out to him, but there was no response from him at all. Then his classmates went, “Blake, your mommy is here!” on and on and on, and finally, Blake turned around to see what the commotion was about. The moment our eyes met, Blake looked like he was about to burst out crying. He got off his seat, and ran towards me. It was a very ‘awwww’ moment.

Rewarded him with a bubble bath that day! 😀

20 June 2012: The fourth day saw much improvement in the crying department.

Half an hour after I left the school, 蒙老师 sent me a text message to say that Blake has stopped crying! Huge improvement!

During their nap time, she sent me another message to inform me of what Blake had eaten for lunch – sandwiches (about the same amount as all the other children. Blake’s the youngest in the whole school, by the way), and a whole banana! He did not take the fried egg, as it is not exactly one of his favourite things to eat. I’m guessing cos it’s pretty tasteless on its own. Hehe.

When I went to pick him up, I took a peek through his classroom’s window. This boy of mine was holding a Lego brick in each hand, going around the classroom trying to fit the pieces into the Lego pieces in front of his classmates. Everyone else was seated. Again, the teachers called out to him, to inform him of my presence, but he made no response. His classmates then joined in to make the announcement. In the end, one of the teaching assistants had to carry him out so that he can see me clearly. Haha. Looks like he’s beginning to enjoy school a lot!

Rewarded Blake with water play after school!

21 June 2012: The fifth day had quite a hilarious start for us adults. The moment my dad turned into the small road to Blake’s preschool, Blake started crying. He cried really terribly, and my dad asked, “Wow, you decided to just cry earlier?”

When we reached and got off the car, my dad and younger sister said ‘goodbye’ to him, and through his loud crying, Blake waved and said, “Bye bye!” This made everyone laugh really hard.

We entered the school gates, and 蒙老师 came out to receive us. Blake immediately leaned towards 蒙老师, and tried to reach for me after she was carrying him. It looks like some kind of standard procedure for him to react the way he did. While 蒙老师 was taking his temperature, I said ‘bye’ to Blake, and again, amidst his crying, he raised his hands, waved and said, ‘bye’ to me twice. This had me burst out laughing again. 蒙老师 could not contain her laughter too, and laughed till her face went red. Haha. This boy of mine! Too cute for words sometimes.

蒙老师 sent me a text message a little later to let me know that Blake only cried for a very short while after I left, which was an improvement. Yay! She also said Blake is very smart! Double Yay!

蒙老师 left a note in the parent-teacher communication book, saying that she’s very happy that the time Blake spent on crying was much shorter than the day before. It’s such a great feeling to know that your child’s teacher is as happy as me, the mother, about Blake’s improvement in adjusting to the school!

Went to pick Blake up from school, and he got really excited when he saw me through the window. Hehe. He rushed out, dragging the assisting teacher behind him. When he reached my arms, the assisting teacher told me in Chinese, “Must hold his hands! He’s very active! He will run and climb everywhere! That’s good!” Oh boy! Haha! Needless to say, we rewarded Blake with some fun. This time, at the swimming pool!

Seeing how Blake is adjusting better to preschool day by day, and how he enjoys going to school (even though he still cries when I drop him off), I feel really happy! Looks like grooming him to be an independent boy paid off 😀

* * *

P.S. Regarding today, most of Blake’s schoolmates went to visit the old folk’s home. He’s too young to be going, so he had a whole day of play with the other students who did not go as well. Sadly, he developed fever suddenly, and I had to quickly finish up my errands (had a meeting to attend, and my camera to collect from the care center), and rushed down to pick him up. Thankfully, Blake’s fever subsided, and he’s now napping to recuperate. Hopefully, the fever will be all gone by tonight! *fingers crossed*

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