Meet the Children

Blake’s First Swim

June 24, 2012

When Blake was about 6 months old, we thought of bringing him to the swimming pool to teach him how to hold his breath underwater. I think that sort of caused his phobia for swimming pools. We did it 2-3 times, over a few weeks, and not once did he enjoy the experience. I can understand why, after all, we dipped him into the water, and no matter what time we go, the water’s always cold (to me, at least).

He was already struggling when we tried to change him into his swim suit. He cried, and we tried many methods to pacify him. The only thing that worked? His pacifier.

After he calmed down, we proceeded to the children’s pool.

I’m not sure if it’s the water temperature, or being in a different environment, or the screaming children around, or all of the above, but the minute Sean went into the pool with him, he started crying. It got worse when we dipped him in!

But nevertheless, our brave boy didn’t struggle and held his breath underwater, and emerged with a loud ‘roar’!

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