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Blake’s Ready for a Little Sister

July 29, 2012

There are some things that our children do that make us go, “WOW!”, followed by a lot of laughter. Yesterday, when I brought Blake to Toys R Us, it happened.

We have been telling Blake that he will be having a little sister, and he has to be gentle towards her when she arrives. Besides the fact that girls are usually not as rough as boys, our baby girl will be really tiny compared to him when she arrives! So what happened at Toys R Us really amazed me.

When we stepped into the store, the first thing Blake went to were the capsule stations, attempting to turn something out at each station that’s within his reach. He ventured a little further in on his own and found a little dolly sitting on a toy pram. He went up to the dolly, and started to touch its face and talked to it. He then moved to the back of the pram and started to push it to where he wanted to go.

It was really amusing cos he would push the pram to the girl’s toys section (a section he seldom ventures to), and place the little dolly right in front of some of the toys, and started looking at some of the toys. As if he decided the toys were not good enough, he would return to the little dolly and whisk her away to another section, stopping again and repeating the process.

At some points, he would stop to check on his little dolly, and once, attempted to pull out another dolly’s (in a box) milk bottle. It’s like he wants to feed his little dolly some milk! He could not pull the milk bottle out and was a little annoyed, went back to check on his little dolly and pushed her off again. It was a really funny sight!

Here’s a short video of whatever I managed to capture of Blake with his little dolly before the crowd came in.

P.S. Blake abandoned the little dolly and pram when Sean arrived (after buying some stationary). Haha!

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