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Racial Harmony Day Part II

August 1, 2012

Today, I received an email notification from Blake’s preschool to inform me of updates on the school portal. I logged in, and to my surprise, the updates were photos from the Racial Harmony Day Celebration they had in school! These photos were taken by the teachers. Ok! I shall stop blabbing and let the photos do the talking! 😀

Playing with all the different traditional and cultural games and toys!

Snack time!

With his classmates! Yes, only the three of them in a class! Hehehe.

* * *

Oh oh! Just an add on, while browsing through the online portal, I came across this section where teachers give parents a termly progress report of their child! I didn’t know they had that! But now I do!

Here’s what one of Blake’s teacher said about my baby boy!


Very simply and loosely translated:

Blake loves colouring. When given worksheets, he will concentrate on colouring non-stop, and he doesn’t like it when the teachers help. He’s one who enjoys doing his work independently. Even though he has yet to speak, with the teachers’ continuous effort to speak to him, he is able to babble similar sounding words, and that’s really good! As long as Blake continues to try, and attends preschool daily, he will improve gradually.

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