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Tale of a Boy and his Duckie

August 26, 2012

It all started on when we went to my mom’s place on 18th August 2012 for dinner, and Blake explored the place solo, venturing into the bedrooms. He saw a soft toy duck laying on my sister’s bed, and promptly took it to play with. He grew attached to it within seconds. It was pretty funny because this soft toy has been in the house, on my sister’s bed (which he often plays on), from since he was born, I think. And he never noticed it till that particular Saturday.

He then took it out of the bedroom and into the living room, sat on the sofa with it, and started to shower it with kisses – something he never does to anyone, even me! He always leans in for me to kiss him, but never ever kisses me.

It was quite a hilarious sight – the way he hugs and kisses the toy duck.

Sean and I discussed, after seeing how reluctant Blake was when he had to return the soft toy when we left, and we decided to get him the soft toy too. Sadly, it’s no longer available in that big size; there are only the medium and small sizes left. I even called up the manufacturer/distributor to ask!

My mom had wanted to get my sister to give up her big soft toy duck to Blake, but we came to a conclusion that it would not do Blake any good in the long run. We do not want him to think that by simply wanting it, he can just take someone else’s toy.

It was also just as well that the big sizes have gone out of production, Sean says this can teach him how to differentiate items that belongs to him, and items that belong to others, especially items that look very similar to one another.

In any case, we bought him the medium-sized soft toy duck, the name’s ‘Duckie’, and he’s so attached to it.

I’m really puzzled by this sudden love for this particular soft toy duck! Haha. I had to get him the small-sized duckie – for him to bring out, and to school. His school teacher messaged to let me know Blake was in a foul mood, and I’m guessing it had something to do with the absence of his Duckie…

Such bonding. Hehe.

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