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August 29, 2012

Recently, Blake has a taken a liking to a Chinese cartoon called 《摩尔庄园》 (loosely translated: ‘Mole Garden’). The characters in this series of cartoon (there are quite a few series and movies) are exactly the same as the ones in the Mole Kart game he enjoys playing on Sean’s HTC. Sean had chanced upon the cartoon when we were showing Blake recorded demos of the Mole Kart on Youtube. Not sure if the game was a spin-off from the cartoon, or the other way round, but I’m guessing the former.

It doesn’t really matter, cos I couldn’t be happier that Blake enjoys watching this cartoon. It is his first Mandarin cartoon!

Here’s an episode from one of the many seasons we found on Youtube:

Watching this cartoon has also made our big boy a baby again. Why do I say that? Well, if you watch the above clip, you will notice that there are tiny creatures in the cartoon that only says, “Bi bo! Bi bo!”, and Blake took it to mean “Baby! Baby!”

Blake will pat his chest whenever the tiny creature speaks, and says “Baby! Baby!” as many times as he could till he catches our attention and we acknowledge that he is ‘baby’. By the way, “Baby” was Blake’s first word. He used to pat his chest and say, “Baby”, but stopped subsequently as he grew older. He knows mommy calls him “Baby” almost all the time.

At one point, he had wanted to go back to sleeping on Sean, like when he was a baby!

Thankfully, this period was short-lived.

And now that we head out without a stroller, cos our big boy prefers to walk or be carried now, we have also gone back to using the sling which Sean used to carry Blake in, when Blake was still a baby. It is only used when Blake sleeps though. Blake will try his best to wiggle his way out the moment he wakes up, and finds himself ‘trap’ in the sling.

All these happening before our number 2 arrive; Blake enjoying being a baby again. It’s definitely something worth putting down on record for!

Oh yes, how could I possibly leave this out? Here’s a video recording of Blake going, “Baby! Baby!” 😛

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