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Flashback Friday #11: The Surgery

September 21, 2012

Decided to bring this particular past event forward. It is to mark one year after Blake’s surgery last year. I will return to the chronological order of super backdated posts after this.

22 September 2011: Blake went for a surgery about two weeks after celebrating his first birthday.

We went to the hospital, praying for the best, but not expecting things to be in our good favor. I was even prepared to bring Blake in for a second surgery when he is older, as part of the recommended process by his specialist and surgeon.

As it turns out, the result of the operation brought great news to us! Everything went successfully, and it exceeded everything we expected! There will be no need for a second surgery. But the most important of all, we don’t have to worry about Blake’s self-esteem and emotional confidence when he’s older 😀

Before going into the operating theatre.
Sean went in with him, and came out after Blake fell asleep from GA.

I waited outside, since only one of us was allowed to follow Blake in. After Sean came out, we went to grab a bite while waiting for Blake’s surgery to be done.

After the surgery, which bore awesome news to us, Blake continued sleeping till the GA wore off in the late afternoon.

A little after the GA wore off, and he woke up

By dinner time, he was back to his normal happy self 🙂

We stayed over for a night, cos I was afraid of possible complications. His surgeon assured me that it’s a normal day surgery, and that we can head home, but I’d rather play safe, and have him check on Blake first thing the next morning before going home with a complete peace of mind.

Mommy’s brave boy!

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