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Flashback Friday #12: Assisted Walking

September 28, 2012

16 June 2011: My boy took his first assisted step with his walker! He could stand, and move a little on his own bed from 7-8 months old, but he never dared to use the walker he had in his room to venture into the world of walking. At 9 months old, we finally got him to stand with his walker, and we got a huge surprise to see him take a step with it!

* * *

Been kind of busy running all sorts of errands (work and personal), and OB appointments are now bi-weekly. I’ve also been feeling tired all the time! I haven’t had the time (and motivation, since all I want to do is sleep nowadays) to really get down to blog about Blake’s birthday parties. And today, Blake developed fever in school! I had to rush over to his school immediately to bring him home. It’s also the last lap for this pregnancy! Another 2 more months, and I’ll see my baby girl! 🙂

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