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Blake’s 2nd Birthday Celebration at Home

October 9, 2012

After Blake’s celebration in school, and a trip to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, it was time to get down to working on his birthday celebration at home.

I made these little octopus party favors, in line with his party theme – Octonauts – a cartoon about the marine life. It’s relatively easy to make, but boy oh boy, it was really painful on the fingers! But it was all worth it, seeing how it all turned out 😀

The initial plan for Blake’s party this year was to have both BBQ and buffet. We were lucky to have my uncle book a BBQ pit within the condominium he’s staying at for the celebration, on the actual date of Blake’s birthday! It’s also my mom’s birthday (same date, different year!), so we combined the birthday celebrations and made it a big party!

Unfortunately, it rained that evening, so all plans to use the BBQ pit were abandoned. Everything, including the buffet, from the BBQ pit was shifted into my uncle’s home before the rain poured. PHEW! And thankfully, there was still quite a good buffet spread to feed all the hungry guests.

The birthday boy spent most of the time in my uncle’s entertainment room with Sean. He was either shy, or it was cooler to be in the room (with aircon switched on and all).

Regardless, when it was time to sing the birthday song and cut the cake, my boy made his grand entrance, after a change of clothes.

And once again, when he saw his birthday cake, he just stood there and went, “Wow!” Haha, this boy is so cute!

Then it was birthday song singing, making a wish and cutting the cake – the standard tradition for all birthdays.

After which, my boy was eager to leave. Haha. He wanted to go to the playground to play, and so he said, “Bye! See you!” to all the guests, while receiving presents and red packets along the way.

But it wasn’t over yet! It was now my mom’s turn!

The eager beaver could no longer wait, and started to pout. He became a little grouchy when we kept stalling his time to get to the playground. We had to make sure the rain had stopped completely before bringing him to the playground.

At last, Sean took off with him, and he was a happy boy!

After playing for a while, and realizing that the playground was really wet, Blake decided it was time to head back. When he reached, he was pleased to see the cakes all distributed, with his share still on the table, waiting for him.

He also became a little more adventurous with the cake, and decided to “knight” the leader of the Octonauts. Haha.

After finishing his cake, Blake opened one of his presents! My aunt had wanted to see his expression. Haha.


Yes, he was mighty please with his Lego Duplo gift (he received two that evening), and in a timely manner too! Sean and I were planning to get him some of these blocks to play with, but were deciding between Lego Duplo and Mega Bloks. We couldn’t make up our minds! Now, it’s been decided for us. Hehe.

The night ended early, as the party was held on a Sunday evening, and everyone either had to work or head to school the next day.

Such a blessed long weekend Blake and us had. Truly amazing.

Once again, I would like to thank Bryan from BLJH Photography for taking such beautiful photos. These memories will go a long way thanks to you!

I would also like to thank Lucille from Lea Vanilla Rosettes for baking one of the most amazing cakes I’ve ever had, and for being such an awesome baker, accommodating to my requests to have all the characters up for both of Blake’s cakes 🙂 Thank you both so much!

And, not forgetting, to all who attended Blake’s birthday parties, and showered him with gifts and red packets, thank you so, so much! Just to let you know, all the money collected from red packets were all deposited into Blake’s education account. Yup, we set up an account especially for Blake’s education!

Ahh, another wonderful year has gone by, but not all parties are over! The next party to plan is my baby girl’s first month celebrations. Hehe.

P.S. Blake was so high that night, that he couldn’t sleep. He kept both Sean and me up the whole night. I think he slept wayyy past midnight! And the very next day, when he had to return to school…


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