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Blake’s 2nd Birthday Celebration in School

October 2, 2012

Ah! I’m finally motivated enough to sit down and blog out details of Blake’s 2nd Birthday celebration in school, after what seemed like forever! Haha. It’s the first time Blake ever celebrated his birthday in school! 🙂

6th September 2012 was the day we celebrated Blake’s birthday in school. It also happens to be the day his preschool was celebrating Teacher’s Day! And, I found out the day before that there was another boy in Blake’s class celebrating his birthday too. I won’t deny. I was not very pleased with that revelation. I wanted my boy to feel special cos it’s his birthday! I was hoping that Blake would be able to at least have one birthday party to call his own, 100%! Back home, we celebrate together with my mom cos they share the same birth date. Haha. Oh well, I’ll make sure to check with the school next year, and arrange in such a way that Blake’s birthday celebration in school won’t clash with his classmate.

Anyway, Sean was not able to apply for leave that day, due to his packed teaching schedule at work. A teacher’s responsibility to the future generation knows no bounds!

Luckily for us, Bryan from BLJH Photography was around to capture the beautiful moments, so Sean did not miss a thing!

I snucked into Blake’s class while his teachers were playing with him. He saw me, and immediately ran to me for a hug. We stayed this way for quite some time before actually starting the birthday celebrations as some of the children were still in a sleepy daze, having just woken up from their nap time not long ago.

I was also explaining to Blake why we were there, and why he was wearing a special number 2 shirt, which my mom bought from USA, instead of his school uniform.

Hmm, am I still one year old?

No! I’m two! 

Poor boy had no idea why there was a big camera constantly taking photos of him. He was still in a sleepy daze, and stayed that way till it was time to eat the cake. Haha. Yes, he takes a while to wake up completely.

His classmate had his birthday celebrated first, as Blake was still not fully awake, and somewhat clinging onto me.

But soon, it was Blake’s turn!

Blake was surprised when he saw his cake. He recognized the cartoon characters, and revealed a slight smile on his face. He did not rush forward, like his classmates did, to attempt to pluck out the cartoon characters though. Haha. He just sat at his seat and eyed his cake with wonder. It was quite a funny sight, cos while Blake was admiring his cake, the adults were holding the other children back to their seats to prevent the cake from being destroyed. Haha.

Once the children had settled, we begin singing the birthday song in both English and Mandarin.

Then it was time to make a wish and cut the cake!

Cakes were distributed to all the children and adults in the preschool, and it was during this time that Blake seemed to wake up fully, and understood what was going on. It did not take long for him to be like his usual self again! Cheeky and all 🙂 I have a feeling he was in part sleepy, part in shock throughout the whole celebration because for the first time, the birthday song was sang for him!

Some of the teachers were telling me how much Blake loves eating cakes, and that whenever there was a birthday celebration, he will wipe out all the cake given to him, and might even ask for more. Haha.

Party favors were all made by yours truly,
under my little home business Ribbons and Tape

After all the cakes and party favors were distributed, and the children have had their fill, the teachers started to clear the mess up (toddlers do eat very, very messily!) and it was playtime for Blake’s class!

This cheeky boy of mine ran and hid under the table the moment he finished his cake. A couple of his classmates joined him, and they were just sitting there, under the table, laughing. I have absolutely no idea what was going on, but their laughter was so infectious, everyone just laughed along with them.

In this photo above, Blake actually held the pose for Bryan before running off. Haha. Love!

Playing with his form teacher, Teacher Meng (蒙老师)

While he was running around his classroom, I grabbed him for a photo. Haha.

After the mess was cleared up, toys were taken out for the children to play. Look at what funny things Blake does to the soft blocks. Haha.

While he was playing with his friends, I spoke with Teacher Meng about Blake’s progress, and everything under the sun. I love how I can talk to her about anything. It’s like we’re old friends or something. Hehe.

He played a while more with Teacher Meng while I packed up, and soon, it was time to head home!

This boy returned home really happy, and was so high the whole evening!

After Blake’s birthday celebration in school, I took a break the next day. Sean and I brought Blake to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery (read all about it here) as a mini treat before starting work on his birthday celebration at home, which was in 3 days time. More about the home party in the next entry.

For now, to end this post, I would like to thank Bryan from BLJH Photography for the lovely photos taken and edited. And also, to Lucille from Lea Vanilla Rosettes, for baking such a stunning and delicious cake for Blake’s birthday party in school!

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