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Flashback Friday #15: Photos Galore!

October 19, 2012

20 June 2011: Cam-whoring strikes again!! Playtime with my baby boy in his playroom (now his bedroom). Seeing how his room used to look makes me wonder how we ever managed to keep all his toys away! And isn’t he just OH SO CUTE in these photos? Hehe.

Dance, baby, dance!

* * *

Been up to my neck with a couple of things at home, and I must admit, I have been pretty lazy during this period. Not just with posting entries, but with the housework too… Absolutely no motivation to do anything! I have so many entries all done halfway, all cos I’m waiting for the juice to start flowing again. Yes, I’m procrastinating. Sigh. Let me get my momentum back. I’m sure I will. Soon.

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