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Flashback Friday #32: Peranakan Museum

February 22, 2013

29 August 2011: After our visit to Singapore Philatelic Museum, and lunch at Pasta Mania, we made our way to the Peranakan Museum. Both museums are relatively near each other, so it was perfect to visit them both on the same day! Hehe.

We did not spend as much time as we would like there, because by the time we reached, we only had 1-2 hours to walk around before closing time! Yes, we were cutting it really close. Haha.

Blake enjoyed playing with all the different types of telephones on display. There were recordings on the telephones, and would play the moment you picked it up. He enjoyed it so much, we spent the most time in that area! Haha.

We stopped to look at areas that really caught our interests, or Blake’s. The rest, we pretty much just rushed through because of the time constrain we had. I don’t even think we finished exploring the museum before the announcement of the museum closing was made! When the announcement was made, we made our way out.

When we left, we had to be escorted out a different route, cos most of the exits were closed already. Haha. And, from the looks of it, it seems like the museums will be opened for free entry every August!

We gave the museums a miss this year, but I hope to visit more museums next year, with Blake and his little sister! 😀

Peranakan Museum Opening Hours:
Monday 1pm – 7pm | Tuesday to Sunday 9am – 7pm (9 pm on Fridays)

For more information, visit

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