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Flashback Friday #34: Blake’s First Birthday

March 8, 2013

For Blake’s first birthday, we decided to hold the celebrations at a bungalow at National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC), very awesomely paid for by my dad, might I add 😛 It was also a chance for us, as a little family, to have a mini getaway (like finally!).

9 September 2011: The day we checked in. My dad drove Blake and me down, and left after we have settled and found a little corner for Blake to do his own little thing.

Made up of two sofa seats, with the cushions removed, firmly wedged between the glass panels, the bigger sofa seat, and a super heavy coffee table.

After which, I took Blake out for a stroll in the area before heading for lunch.
The cafe at the golf area was simply marvelous! Great food and service!

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get Blake to sleep, while waiting for Sean to join us after work! Once Sean reached the bungalow, we headed out for dinner, and walked around the vicinity further to see if we missed anything. It has been a really long time since we last came here!

After taking some photos, we headed back to the bungalow. As it was Blake’s actual date of birth, we had a mini celebration for Blake’s first birthday, with cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes!

I had bought them the day before, but some of them got squashed during the transferring from car to bungalow 

Thankfully, there were three that survived! But one melted a little too much after microwaving, so we were down to two for photo taking. Still taste awesome though!

Watched more TV while Blake played in his corner and then, it was lights out!

10 September 2011: The day of his birthday celebration! I woke up early to receive the McDonald’s breakfast I had ordered in advance, before heading home to feed our pets. Then I met up with my dad. He drove me to Aunty Yochana‘s where we collected Blake’s birthday cake, and he drove me back to NSRCC. I know, I have a super awesome dad (and I must’ve said it like a million times already!).

Not exactly how I had hoped the cake to turn out to be… Was kind of disappointed.

While I was out, the birthday boy had diarrhea, and Sean was busied the whole morning trying to calm him down and make him comfortable. Sean took him out for a morning walk, and he calmed down. It’s always good to have a super hands-on dad for a husband. Hehe. I’m so blessed to have awesome men, like Sean and my dad, in my life!

Specially made this candle party favors for Blake’s first birthday

When I got back, things were calmed and I started preparing the place for the party that night. Sean also started work on the BBQ pit, cooking all the food before guests arrive, so that he will have enough time to wash up.

My babies!

When guests started arriving, the birthday boy fell asleep.
Waking up just in time to cut the cake! Haha.

Yup, it was a candle-themed birthday party!

The night ended with a walk around the vicinity with lighted lanterns, which I brought along. It was close to the Lantern Festival then. Hehe.

11 September 2011: The day we check-out. Packed everything the night before and sleep till it was just about time to check-out. Haha. We were all so tired! After checking out, we went back to the cafe at the golf side and had a delicious branch before heading home!

All in all, it was a great birthday celebration. So thankful for all the people who came down to celebrate with us, and all the beautiful gifts given to Blake!

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