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Flashback Friday #40: Airport Fun

April 19, 2013

18 October 2011: It was an afternoon spent at Changi Airport again! As with the last trip to the airport, Blake and I went to all three terminals, and we played till Sean joined us after work to have dinner together. Before heading home, we spent some time at the playground in terminal 3!

Crawling around cos that’s still the fastest way to move for him!
During this time, Blake has yet to walk in multiple steps yet.

P.S. The next Flashback Friday is a surprise that I got from Blake when we were having some fun at terminal 3! It was a very, very pleasant surprise, so be sure to check back next Friday!

* * *

Five things about Changi Airport, according to me 😛

1. If you forgot to bring a stroller, don’t fret! There are strollers provided (actually for passengers) at various customer service counters. You can also travel between terminals with the strollers provided. Just remember to return them to the nearest customer service counter. Don’t just leave them anywhere!

2. Most of the playgrounds have been moved to within the transit lounge (very expensive playgrounds to get to) 🙁 But there is still one in Terminal 3! Along with that, there’s a drawing corner for children, where paper and crayons are provided! ALWAYS SUPERVISE. The table is really high and some children will need to sit on the table to get some drawing done.

3. Also found in Terminal 3 are the big slides! There are two heights to these slides – located at Level B2 and Level 1. For the slide on Level B2, it’s free! As for the taller slide on Level 1, you will need to redeem the rides with a minimum spending of $10 in a single receipt. If you ask me, the one on Level B2 is enough fun! 😀

4. If you’re going to let your children head down the slides on their own, be sure that there is someone waiting below for them or start running down the stairs when they are sliding down! They will need to be tall enough to hit the button on the gate, to let themselves out, and they must be able to make their way back up on their own! My first time down, I was a bit lost when confronted with the gate and not knowing where to go after, so imagine how it might be for a child!

5. If you want to have an up-close and clear view of the aeroplanes, there’s only the viewing gallery at Terminal 1 to do so. The rest pretty much keeps you at a distance now, cos they gave priority to those in the transit lounge 🙁

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    1. Yes, it is. There are plenty of nursing rooms and changing rooms for parents. The newer toilets’ cubicles are also large enough to push strollers in! Haha.

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