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Flashback Friday #41: Blake’s Walking!

April 26, 2013

18 October 2011: Blake took his first step at 12+ months old, going 13 months old, and he continued to take only 1-2 steps before sitting back down again. And it wasn’t until this day that he took more than 2 steps on his own, completely unassisted! He really walked!

We were at Changi Airport when it happened. There were a few old aunties and uncles around who were cheering Blake on when they saw him taking his first walk (this was after I finished filming). Yes, this crazy mommy was trying to keep everything quiet during the filming, but my smile was enormously huge! Haha. After the recording stopped, I squealed with joy! 😀

* * *

Remember when I posted last week’s Flashback Friday on my Facebook page, I said week 40 is like the time to give birth, in pregnancy talk? Well, I’ve given birth… To my first ever linky! 😀

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