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The Missing Ipod

April 24, 2013

A picture with the following quote popped up on my facebook timeline:

Nothing is really lost until your mom can’t find it

I shared the picture and commented, “and when i can’t find it, i get very pissed. LOL!”

After a short exchange of comments with my friend Wendy on this picture, I decided to blog about the most epic missing item in my house, and how I finally retrieved it.

I can’t remember the exact date when I realize my iPod went missing, but it was sometime between July/August of 2012.

All I remember was me seeing Blake playing with the sleeve of my iPod, thinking my iPod was still in it, and taking it from him for safekeeping. That’s when I realized, my iPod had been removed from the sleeve!

I panicked, and I searched the whole house. I must have flipped the place upside down more than twice over, but nothing! I couldn’t find it! Blake was not even two years old yet, and he couldn’t understand what I was asking, practically begging, about. After searching for a few days, I gave up. I knew it was somewhere at home, but I just couldn’t find it!

After nearly two weeks, I was sitting on the sofa, happily eating my meal while Blake was playing with his toys. Suddenly, I heard a loud “BAM BAM BAM!” which had me jump in shock! I looked up and saw Blake standing in front of our high velocity fan. My first thought was, “OH NO! BLAKE!”, thinking that something bad happened to him. I quickly got up, switched off the fan and grabbed him away. I checked him from head to toe. He wasn’t crying so it’s pretty safe to say that he was fine.

I then turn my attention to the fan, and I saw something pink and familiar at the bottom of it. It was my iPod! I screamed with joy! Then it hit me – Blake had thrown my iPod through the high velocity fan! That’s where the loud “BAM BAM BAM!” came from! I thought for sure my iPod was a goner, but hey, at least I had the “body”, right?

I tried to switch it on, nothing. Instead of giving up, I thought, maybe the battery is flat. So I went to charge it, returning after five minutes to check on it.

It works! (high velocity fan it went through in the background)

I can tell you honestly though, after that one charge, I decided to stop using my iPod. I’m still quite amazed that it works, but really, who could bring young children out and still plug in earphones to listen to music at the same time?

And erm, I think it went missing again…

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