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Losing My Instagram

April 22, 2013

18 April 2013: I bought my cupcakes, and happily took a photo to upload it onto my instagram. That was around 4pm. When I got home from dinner at my mom’s place, I wanted to take a photo of my high velocity fan to show my love for it in this current hot weather. But when I opened the app, I was prompted to login. I thought, how weird? So I keyed in my username and password, only to receive this message:

I froze for a moment. I closed the app and restarted it again. Same thing happened.

I went to my laptop and clicked on the link to my Instgram, located on the right side bar. This message popped out:

It was gone.

My entire Instagram account was gone. I googled for information (even my hashtag for amazinglystill was gone too), and found that I apparently have an account under some third party website, iphoneogram. I strongly believe that my account was hacked and in the end, sabotaged till it was disabled internally. I mean, I don’t even use an iphone! So why would I have an account under such a website?! I’m a proud user of Sony Xperia Z!!!


But hey, instead of losing my temper like I tend to (big pat on my shoulder, thanks!), I decided to create another account – only to discover that I actually have another account, created a long time ago! Haha!

So anyway, that account is gone and I highly doubt it will get restored – seeing how the auto-reply I got from them was basically they won’t respond to any account that was disabled by them – so, do add me on @msmabes, or follow the hashtag #msmabesamazinglystill (uber long, I know!), if you would like to see my photos on Instagram. If you don’t have an Instagram account, fret not! You can join my facebook page to receive updates too! 😀

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