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Hours Before My Husband Gets Home

May 31, 2013

I was having a writer’s block, and as usual, I complained to Sean about it. I tried to write as much as I could, but it all just didn’t feel right. It’s worse when I can write everything else in between, but just not the introduction paragraph to start off the article.

Then Sean said, “Why not start a series called, ‘Hours before my husband gets home?'” I thought this might be something quite fun to do, since the hours before he gets home sometimes seem to have the most things happening. Haha. Be warned though. This series of posts might be wordy.

To start off with the first post, I am sitting in front of my laptop, waiting for my boy and my pet dog, Paris, to return home. The boy from school, the dog from grooming.

Prior to this, I received a call from the groomer’s and they said that one of Paris’ nails broke off, revealing the vein. I was in shocked. My first reaction was, “Is she bleeding badly? How bad is it?” But the groomer calmed me down and said that while there is blood, it’s not flowing or dripping. It’s just there on the open wound. She reckon that it got broken off during the transporting of her from my place to the groomer’s. Sigh. The poor girl. It seems like every trip to the groomers for her bring about some kind of little nasty. But this is by far the worst!

Now I’m just waiting for both of them to get home, then I’ll wake Nakayla up for her dinner. Then have dinner with Blake (we’re having McDonald’s tonight!). And then it will be play time with the children until Sean gets home. He’ll be home even later today because of staff BBQ by the beach. Erm, good luck with that, my dear! It’s raining out. Hehe.

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