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The Drama that is Blake

May 22, 2013

14 March 2013: He refused to leave the playground. Sean had to boy-handle him all the way home. Even after they were back (Nakayla and I returned first cos it was her bedtime), he refused to give up. He put up a fight.

When we took his shoes off, he grabbed it and hugged it. He went to the gates, hoping we will open it for him. When we didn’t, he threw his shoes out. He must have thought – Surely, mommy and daddy will open the gates now, right? Sean did open the gates, but I held him back. The struggle was tough with him trying to push his way through, grabbing my shirt and crying non-stop.

The shoes were placed on the shoe rack, the door closed immediately after. He did not falter. He went to the shoe rack, grabbed his shoes and ran to the sofa with them. I took it back, and the whole thing repeated again. After the third time, I placed his shoes above the shoe rack.

This was Sean said, “Take a video of this!” Haha. Yes, we enjoy videoing such situations down. It’s all part of our parenthood journey, after all.

Still no signs of giving up, he attempted to climb the shoe rack. When that failed, he took my slippers and wore them to the door instead. He was going to go out, by hook or by crook!

He opened the sock drawers, and started to dig for things. He jumped up and down, flailing his arms all over the place. It was a completely different type of tantrum being thrown, seeing how he used to just throw himself onto the floor and go boneless on us. Maybe this is more pro-active? Haha.

Anyhow, I think the pictures speak better from here on.

Such determination displayed. Have to give him credit for not letting go so easily, and going after what he wants despite the odds being against him. I hope he carries this unwavering spirit through his entire life. I would hate for him to give up his goals and dreams easily at the slightest challenge.

But of cos, he has to be smart enough to know when to let go. Which he was, when he heard the opening songs to one of his favourite cartoons. Haha!

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