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Flashback Friday #45: It’s a Couple’s Day Out!

May 24, 2013

Back in December 2010, Sean took me out on a one day trip around Sentosa, doing whatever I wanted. We only started planning the outing after seeking permission and assistance from my maternal grandma, who helped us looked after a then 3+ months old Blake for a day.

The initial plan was to visit the newly opened Universal Studios Singapore (USS), but by the time we confirmed the date to go, we were too late in purchasing the tickets. It was all sold out! I was so upset by it but Sean said, “There are still other things to do in Sentosa.” So I looked through their website and found many things that were really interesting!

So this was what I had planned that day, and from the price of it per person, Sean really spared no expenses for making my day! 😀

The itinerary: CineBlast followed by Desperados, Skyride and Luge Ride, and ending with ParaJump and Megazip!

Queuing for CineBlast

To the Skyride!

All set for the Luge Ride!

And off to the highlight of the day!

To get to Megazip Adventure Park, we paid $2 (a dollar each) for a buggy ride up. The ride up in itself was really thrilling, cos we took a shortcut up with lots of sharp turns (and the driver was going relatively fast) and we were sitting at the end of the buggy facing out. Haha! It was literally a cheap thrill for us!

First up, Parajump

That’s Sean getting ready to jump!

All strapped up for Megazip!

At the end of the Megazip course

Our photo 🙂

Before heading home, we bought a couple of lighting toys for Blake. I have absolutely no idea where they are now, but I’m using the straps from the lights for my cameras. Haha 😛

Since that day, Sean and I never went out on our own until Blake went to school. And by then, I was already pregnant with Nakayla, and so, we could only do limited things together. After giving birth to Nakayla, I went out a couple of times during my confinement period to do some shopping with Sean, whenever he had the day off, but none spent together quite like this day.

I did get a really special Mother’s Day gift from Sean this year though. Want to know what it is? Find out next week! 😀

* * *

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  1. Sounds like such a great date! Actually, I must agree that there’s quite a lot to do at Sentosa. I was just there today and we really enjoyed ourselves too. I’ve been wanting to get on the megazip but I haven’t mustered the courage to do so 🙁

    Anyway, I will support your Flashback Friday linky soon. I have tons of posts which are overdue. haha.

    1. Megazip is really relaxing! It goes as fast as your weight i.e. the heavier you are, the faster you will go. My trip down the zip line was slower than Sean. At one point, he gained a lot of speed and was way ahead of me!

      Hehe, yes! Do join my Flashback Friday linky whenever you can! It’s really fun to reminiscence 🙂

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