Comfort Ultra Pure Fabric Conditioner

June 28, 2013


When Sean and I first moved into our home about 7-8 years ago, we received a washing machine as a gift. And ever since then, I have been doing laundry for the family. It is the single household chore that I really enjoy doing.

As the years pass, I noticed that some of our clothing items, especially our bath towels, were gradually becoming rougher. I actually had all intentions of leaving it as-is, but with my children’s clothing items involved, I cannot possibly do that. How unfair would it be to their soft and delicate skin?

Yet, searching for something to ensure my children’s clothing items remain soft to their delicate skin, without irritating my sensitive skin (I’ve got hand eczema), was quite the challenge… up until I was introduced Comfort Ultra Pure Fabric Conditioner.

Comfort Ultra Pure is a hypoallergenic fabric conditioner, specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin – perfect for me and my children!

Results vary from item to item, with our thick bath towels (used for years) being the slowest to return to its initial softness. It started off as the roughest, but with each wash, it is catching up with its newer counterparts now!

Oh yes, did I mention the scent of the fabric conditioner? It’s heavenly! After each wash with Comfort Ultra Pure, the gentle scent of heaven wafts through my laundry area. The fragrance even lingers within the wardrobes, after a few days to a week!

And yes, I use it on all their soft toys too! Hehe.

Now, with Comfort Ultra Pure, I have the freedom of mind and comfort in the knowledge that my children are wrapped in the softest fabric possible!

Disclaimers: Please note that while there had been no adverse effects on my hand eczema, it doesn’t mean it is suitable for all hand eczema sufferers. Kindly ensure that it is suitable for you, should you be a fellow hand eczema sufferer like me. This is a sponsored post by Comfort Ultra Pure. All opinions are 100% my own.

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