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My Superman, My Knight in Shiny Armour

June 16, 2013

**This post is dedicated to my one and only, the father of my children, Sean. So considered yourself warned – it’s non-stop praising of his goodness in my world. Haha!

When we first got together, the last thing I had on my mind was marriage. I wasn’t too sure how it will all play out, and at one point, I didn’t think we would make past six months together! Now that we have braved through thick and thin together, I’ve come to see my husband under many different lights! The strongest light of them all, being the father to our lovely children 🙂

For one, I’d like to think that my maternal instincts are strong. I am the one carrying the baby in my womb after all, but Sean’s paternal instincts are much, much stronger than my maternal instincts.

It all became very clear the very moment Blake was born. Sean picked him up without hesitation, even before the nurse cleaned him up. He held Blake close for as long as he could before the nurse took Blake for a good clean up.

I remember asking Sean, it’s his first time becoming a father, how is it possible that he knows how to carry a newborn, and not afraid to? We didn’t attend any classes, we just went straight into it! He just knew how to, and was confident too.

The days that followed had Sean getting up to feed Blake in the middle of the night, before he goes to work, while I slept. And he did all these with no complaints. He tired himself out, but he still did it all. Even after Nakayla arrived, he still did it all.

When Blake was still a baby

A few months before Nakayla arrived

And the days of colicky Blake… While the mommy was frustrated to the brink of insanity, the daddy was, still is, as cool as a cucumber. He would rock Blake to sleep every night, non-stop for a few hours straight sometimes.

And then, there is diaper changing. Till this day, I still hate cleaning poo. I frown whenever I smell it. I winced whenever I’m cleaning the buttocks. Sean, on the other hand, the moment I declare there’s poo in one of the children’s diaper, stops whatever he’s doing to change the diaper for the babies.

No poo-poo cleaning photos. You’re welcome! Haha!

Besides daring to carry them the moment they were born, and cleaning up their poo, he enjoys bathing for them too. And the children enjoy this time spent with their father too. I have no idea how they can spend so much time in the bathroom, hearing nothing but laughter throughout. It’s amazing.

And he fixes things all around the house – from toys to electronic gadgets to taps and pipes and, yes, the inevitable light bulbs. Haha. It’s really great to have a handy man in the house! 😛 And soon I’ll have two more! Yes, I’ll make Nakayla pick up some handyman skills too!

But the most important part of all – Sean is level-headed. My emotions run high at times that I end up potentially hurting Blake and/or Nakayla. Sean, instead of scolding me, reminds me that I need to be careful not to hurt them during a tantrum struggle.

So to my superman, my knight in shiny armour, my grammar and walking dictionary/encyclopedia… I love you. And thank you for being such an awesome and amazing husband to me and father to our children.

Here’s wishing all the good husbands and fathers, like my man here, a wonderful and blessed Father’s Day! 😀

* * *

P.S. Guess what I got for my Superman for Father’s Day? Hehe.

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