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Flashback Friday #52: A New Bedroom for Blake

July 19, 2013

10 December 2011: We decided to re-do Blake’s room so that he will be able to play and sleep in there. Previously, it was covered with foam mats and was solely just his play room. So we took a trip to IKEA and got him some new drawers, wardrobe, shelves and a new bed!

Exploring his new space before the single-size mattress arrived

After the mattress was put in place, and all the toys went in!
Not in picture (completely cut off): Wardrobe and 3 chest drawers

Oh, in case you’re wondering why the ladder on the bed is facing the wall, it’s because we feel that Blake is still way to young to be sleeping up on the upper deck of the bed. There are plans of turning the bed around when he’s older, and sharing room with Nakayla, but right now, I’m happy to use the upper deck of the bed for extra storage space!

We also installed two lights at the bottom of his bed, thinking one wouldn’t be sufficient. Little did we know, one was definitely more than enough for that small space! But it still works, cos with two lights, it brightens up the entire space equally.

P.S. The amount of toys he has grew a lot since these photos were taken, spilling over into the living room as well.

* * *

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