My 14 Days NIVEA Challenge – Ready, Set, Go!

July 2, 2013


Did you know that itchy (no, not from mosquito or insect bites!) and tight skins are just some of the signs that you have sun damaged skin? Well, I didn’t know any of this until recently. And my skin is just that – itchy and tight!

My sun damaged skin must have been accumulated through my teen years, when I was on the netball team. I would play under the blazing sun sans sun block. I never enjoyed applying stuff on my body because most creams and serums out there tend to leave some oiliness behind. Even till this day, the most I would do is to open an umbrella for some shelter – and only because I want to protect Nakayla from the unforgiving sun.

But since I’m not getting any younger (we never are, are we?), it’s about time I take measures to prolong my youth, and hopefully undo the damage (that’s possible, right?) before I regret entirely.

So, what am I going to do? I’m going to embark on a 14 days challenge using NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum with SPF25.

I’ve tried doing a similar challenge on my own, but I never get past the second or third day. It doesn’t help that I also have two little ones and a house to care for (although, I must admit that the husband does help out a lot). But, with me putting it out there that I am taking up this challenge, I should be able to persevere to the end this time round! Scratch that – ‘I should be able to’ must be changed to ‘I will’. I know I will complete the 14 challenge. I really will!

Let’s start with Day 1 right now!

The aromatic flora scent surrounded me the moment I squeeze the tube. It’s simply lovely. Thankfully, I didn’t use too much strength to squeeze the tube, cos the whitening serum was very fluid and smooth.

I first applied the whitening serum on my arms, followed by my legs. Before I even applied it, I was actually preparing myself to feel sticky for the rest of the day.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel much after applying. I even did housework after – which made me perspired quite a bit, but I still didn’t feel sticky from the application of the cream!

By the time I was done applying the whitening serum on my legs, I could barely feel any signs of the whitening serum on my arms! Amazing!

I didn’t apply any on my feet, so I’ll be using that to compare at the end of day 14!

I have now taken the first step in protecting my skin, and now, I cannot wait till the end of the 14 day challenge to see the results!

Disclaimer: Should you have sensitive skin, kindly do a skin patch test to ensure your skin is suitable for this product before proceeding to use. This post was brought to you by NIVEA, but all opinions reflected here are still 100% my own.

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