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Blake is 3 : Birthday Party Preparations

September 16, 2013

Alright! Let’s just get right down to it. No sappy story of how I became a mother three years ago, cos really, do you want to read it all over again? Haha!

So we checked-in to our bungalow at NSRCC Changi, lazed around for a bit, then Sean went to barbecue our dinner! Yums!

And while he was barbecuing, I started work on the decorations, while the children were left to their own devices (i.e. cartoons!).

The first thing I started working on was what I thought would be fun to have – a little section all done up for people to take photos at! Sort of like a do-it-yourself photobooth, without all the fancy gadgets. Haha.

That’s me testing for the best height at the photobooth section

After securing my photobooth spot, I worked on the next thing I decided to incorporate at Blake’s birthday party – Balloons!

As I’m finally inviting mommy-friends and their children to parties, I thought balloons would be a nice touch!

Noob alert! Truth be told, I’m quite shock by how all the children react towards the balloons. Truly. I never knew something rubbery, and filled with just air, could cause so much commotions between the little guests. And it’s apparently normal!

It was probably around 3am when I completed all these on my own, with less than adequate equipment. I wrapped packets of chilli sauce together to use as weight to hold my balloon columns down. Haha! Sean and the children had gone to bed hours before, and I was up with my siblings (two came to stay-over), chit-chatting while I finished the above.

The next day, I woke up to this beautiful sight, waiting for McDonald’s breakfast to arrive!

We’re right next to the playground, but nobody seemed to have gone over to play. What a waste!

The birthday boy and hotcakes

Blake woke up really early on the day of the party, and made his way down on his own. He sat like this until he fully awoke, and finished up his happy meal. Haha! Did I mention how excited he was to be there? He kept running around in circles and going, “Wow!” Hehe.

After breakfast, I continued with more decorations, cos it didn’t seem enough to me at that time. Haha!

And ta-dah! all the balloons were done and in place!

After the photobooth corner and mini balloons columns were done, I started working on the section where the party favors was displayed.

It started with a flower…

I prepared the party favors about a month in advance.

Yes, I twisted these too. Haha!

After I was sure everything I wanted to do was done, it was time to test out the all done up photobooth!

I love self-timer!

My mom came early to help me watch the children, as Sean was away for his school’s open house, and I got her to take a shot with Nakayla!

I also prepared a corner filled with Mid-Autumn delights – mooncakes, tea, and lanterns for the children, but sadly, I only have this photo to show of it. But it’s good enough for me!

Photo taken by my brother with my camera

And that’s it for the preparations for Blake’s 3rd birthday party! The next birthday post will be all about the party itself, and the very awesome guests who came!

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