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Flashback Friday: Blake’s First Shower

September 6, 2013

Blake took his first shower a few months after he was able to walk and run confidently. I believe it happened sometime back in February 2012, when he was about 17 months old. Prior to that, all he had were long baths, playing with his toys. We figured it was time to get him used to taking showers as the bath tubs were getting too small for him, and we had made plans to send him to school, where they take showers and not baths.

We didn’t do much preparations for him, and even though he seemed alright the first time round, subsequent showers had him a little freaked out when water fell onto his head from the shower head. We’re guessing that the reason behind all this was because Blake had little hair as a baby. All we did for washing his head was just a damp cloth soaked in warm water with some shampoo, then wiping his head and hair clean. Thankfully, like most things, practice makes perfect and Blake now enjoys having the water fall onto him during showers.

Unsure of what’s happening when he didn’t see the bath tub

Had his first taste of showering

It’s fun!

We took the experience with Blake and, I believe, did a much better job with Nakayla, in prepping her for shower time in future. Ever since she was 3-4 months old, we let water flow from her head, the way it would when one’s showering their hair. And so far, there has been no crying, just a little whining from her. Practice really does make perfect – even parenthood!

* * *

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