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Flashback Friday #65: Swinging Good Time

November 8, 2013

Back in March last year, we went over to my aunt’s place to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. We had walked from our place to theirs, a revelation which shocked all who were at the party (except maybe my mom, cos she knew we enjoyed walking long distances). Haha.

I wish we could go back to doing that again, but with more things going on than before, and Blake having school early in the morning, it’s really not that easy to return to our slow-paced, sleep-late lifestyle. I can only wish that when the kids are older, we’ll go back to doing that again.

Anyway, the point of today’s entry is not about the walk. It’s about the fun at the end of the walk.

Probably one of the few places left with swings at the playground (at least from where I live and have been), I took Blake on it, while he was strapped onto the Baby Bjorn.

Pardon the crazy sounds from me. That’s my ra-ra thing to get Blake all high as he was initially scared, being his first time on a swing.

I really cannot wait for when the children grows up a little more, so that our lives will be more or less ‘normal’. Normal in the sense that I don’t have to give them milk in milk bottles, or change their diapers, or keep guessing what their babbling about. But till then, I’ll enjoy every bit of it!

P.S. Flashback Friday will be taking a break next week cos it’s Nakayla’s birthday weekend! Tons of last minute work to put together for her birthday!

* * *

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