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Happy Birthday, Nakayla!

November 21, 2013

Today our baby girl turns one!

I can still remember the day I gave birth to Nakayla very clearly. Honestly speaking, going through that kind of pain isn’t something one forgets easily. I guess that’s the good thing about going all natural without epidural.

When I gave birth to Blake, I had epidural and I didn’t think much about the actual birthing process cos of epidural. I do remember the pain that struck me at midnight after the epidural wore off though. Haha!

But the point of this post is not their birthing stories, you can read all about Blake’s here, and Nakayla’s here.

The point is, Nakayla is one year old today!

Can you believe it? It feels like only yesterday when we celebrated her first month!

And now, she’s all grown up!

Oh baby girl, you have no idea how much joy you have brought to Mommy. Having you made everything more balanced and perfect in our little family!

With you around, there’s a little more estrogen injected into this testosterone-filled family of ours. Your brother, Blake, also has someone on his side to be his ‘partner-in-crime’. He’s no longer outnumbered. Hehe. And daddy now has a little girl version of him in this world. Like I said, some kind of balance has been achieved because of you 🙂

My only wish for you is to grow up happy and healthy, and that you and your brother, Blake, will be best friends forever – come what may.

I love you, Nakayla. Daddy loves you very much too.

Happy birthday, my little cupcake ♥

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