Placenta Encapsulation

November 18, 2013

I should’ve probably written about this earlier, but I totally forgot all it!

I was recently reminded by my own experience with placenta encapsulation when Cheryl asked about it. Hehe. Thanks for refreshing this part of my memory, Cheryl!

Prior to giving birth to Nakayla, I have never heard of placenta encapsulation.

A fellow new mommy had told me about placenta encapsulation, when I told her it’s really gross to be eating my own placenta. She mentioned that she finds it easier to consume her own placenta in the capsule form, and she has found it to be very helpful for her own well-being.

Comparing her first delivery + milk supply for her first-born and her second delivery + milk supply for her second-born, she said that she could feel the overall benefits to her complexion, recovery from birth, and improved supply of breastmilk. She underwent C-section for both deliveries, but didn’t consume her placenta after the first birth.

She told me to give it a try in the encapsulated form so as to not waste it (like what my gynae said when I told him I didn’t want it after giving birth to Blake, so he took it), and that if I still couldn’t stomach it and don’t mind, she will pay for everything and take the pills over from me.

So I thought, why not? Sounds pretty much like a good deal to me. If I like it, I’ll consume it and benefit my own body, and if I don’t, there’s someone ready to take over and pay for it in full.

At 38 weeks pregnant then, I contacted Heavenly Health Store via email, as recommended by my friend and started the ball rolling.

I was tempted to add extra ingredients like ginseng and cordyceps, but decided not to, cos I wasn’t even sure if I would take the pills as yet. Please note that every herb you choose to add will come at a cost.

I was told by a staff member at Heavenly Health Store (HHS) to call them when I was on my way to the hospital to deliver, and they will arrive shortly to collect my placenta and have it processed for encapsulation immediately.

When I asked how to store the placenta while waiting for them, he mentioned that I would need an ice box (or styrofoam box) and ice for safekeeping overnight. If you happen to have your own private suit that comes with a mini fridge, you can keep your placenta there. Do not count on the hospital storing it for you. They won’t.

I know this because in our 3 a.m. rush to the hospital to deliver Nakayla, I had forgotten all about it, and had no idea how to store the placenta until the staff from HHS arrive. I should’ve probably opt for the 24-hour pick-up service they had (at an additional cost), seeing how I’m going for natural birth and not a scheduled C-section. But oh well! Things turned out to be ok in the end. Hehe.

After delivering Nakayla, I called HHS in panic mode, telling them I had forgotten to bring the container and cooler bag to store the placenta. The staff member reassured me that since they will be able to collect the placenta from me within 3 hours from the time it “arrived”, I could just store it in any clean plastic bag or container. Thankfully, Sean had already gone ahead to get a clean plastic bag to store my placenta. Why did I worry so much when Sean was with me? Haha! Silly me!

It was about a week later when my placenta arrived at my door step.

It came in bottles like these. Image from Heavenly Health Store

Now, don’t expect the bottles to be filled to the bottle’s brim. And don’t expect to receive the same number of capsules from another mommy who also had placenta encapsulation done. The number of capsules will vary from person to person, depending on the size of the placenta.

Just to give you a rough idea on the difference in number of capsules… My small placenta (big difference from Blake’s, according to Sean, who saw both my placentas. Sean said the first placenta was the same size as Blake!) managed to produce 147 pills, while friend’s placenta managed to make about 190 capsules.

At the end of the day, I didn’t take the capsules. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I definitely missed out on all its health benefits, but I’m glad that I’m able to pass it on to a friend who isn’t afraid to consume mine. It also made me happy to know that it made her day and improved her health!

And that is how I got to know about placenta encapsulation.

* * *

The following are just some of the details that I thought might come as useful to those who are interested in placenta encapsulation. Please note that the prices stated are from 2012, when I contacted them for their services. It might be different now.

1. When you email them, provide the following details:
Natural or C-section?:
Your home address:
Mobile number:
Your next of kin handphone:
How do you get to know us?:

2. Heavenly Health Store’s rates (Applies to single birth pregnancy only):

Normal Package
– collection within 3-hours, upon receiving place of collection, if delivery is before 6pm
– SGD 300 early bird price for bookings and deposit made 48 hours before collection
– SGD 350 for those without bookings and deposit made 48 hours before collection

24-hours Package
– 24-hours stand-by to collect your placenta within 3-hours, upon receiving place of collection
– SGD 400 early bird price for bookings and deposit made 48 hours before collection
– SGD 450 for those without bookings and deposit made 48 hours before collection, subjected to availability

If you had opt for Normal Package but require last minute collection after 6pm, it’s an additional SGD 150, and subjected to availability.

A minimum deposit of SGD 50 is required, and balance has to be paid upon the collection of the placenta. Or you can just opt to pay in full when booking your slot.

1. This is my own personal account of this service. I have not been engaged by HHS to blog about it.
2. My friend only took my placenta capsules because she knew my diet well enough to feel safe consuming mine. Please don’t go around just taking anyone’s placenta to encapsulate!

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