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Christmas Surprise!

December 23, 2013

So last week, a teaser was posted on my instagram, @msmabes… And this blog post is, not the surprise, but the prelude to it.

What surprise? Well, Christmas is drawing near (like the day after tomorrow!) and together with three other mommy bloggers I’ve had the privilege of befriending, we decided to put together a series of giveaways just for all our readers! And this series of giveaways will hop from one blog to another, lasting an entire of 12 days, starting on Christmas Day.

That’s right, it’s our very own 12 days of Christmas giveaway surprise!

Before we get started, I think an introduction to my fellow mommy bloggers is much needed.

Irene; Singapore Mom Blogs; Facebok Page

A self-professed Stay-At-Home-Maid, Irene is more than happy to be ‘serving’ her children through their growing years. She chronicles these precious years on her very aptly named blog, Singapore Mom Blogs.

You can be sure that a feisty individual like Irene, who loves her children more than anything, will protect her cubs just like a tiger would. But don’t take her to be a Tiger Mom. Irene firmly believes in that having a good character is the most important value of all.

Aside from her children, Irene blogs about her various travels and things that interest her, sharing all the good with her readers.

Cherie; Cherie Ladie; Facebook Page

Cherie is a full-time working mother and a supermom wannabe who juggles motherhood alongside with her 3 boys (husband included).

She loves fashion (has a huge fetish for shoes) and describes manicuring her own nails as me-time.

She lives to eat, loves photography, travelling and aspires to live life to the fullest.

Estella; So Oddly Dreamlike; Facebbok Page

Mama to a little girl named Joy, Estella is learning to cook, teach and bring up the love of her life.

She recently returned to life as an occasional singer/host with Live, Oh Life!

Besides singing and hosting, Estella also loves make up, shoes, food and travelling.

And there you have it! Three other blogs which you need to take note of, and check back on, in order to win some goodies for yourself! I will be kick-starting this series of giveaways, so do remember to return for a visit on Christmas day!

P.S. This is also known as the #MICE12daysofchristmas – cos that’s the acronym of our names put together. Haha!

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