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Nakayla is One: The Actual Day

December 20, 2013

Finally, the last of Nakayla’s first birthday posts!

On Nakayla’s actual birthday, Sean was working late and by the time he reached home, both Blake and Nakayla had already drifted off into la la land. I remember when it was Blake’s first birthday (the actual day), we celebrated with cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. Hehe. So I definitely have to do something for Nakayla’s actual birthday, right?

A slice of my favourite Blackforest cake

And with Blake in his ever ready birthday mood, he sang the birthday song for Nakayla (in Chinese no less! He sang the English version when I hadn’t had my camera ready), and showered her with kisses!

It was a simple mini celebration, and Blake hadn’t changed out of his school uniform yet. Haha! Can’t wait to have many more years of such quirky, yet intimate birthday celebrations with my babies.

And I’ve decided, once both are ready to have all the ice cream in the world, we’ll start a new family tradition. We’ll dine at Swensen’s on their actual birthday to celebrate with a Firehouse Happy Birthday sundae, every single year!

Now, to rest for a while and work on other projects before I kick-start on planning for their birthday celebrations again! 😀

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