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The ‘Dream’ Funeral

December 12, 2013

This is probably a really superstitious thing to talk about, but I can assure you that this is nothing too morbid, not compared to what I’ve been thinking ever since I became a mom.

Almost every other day, the reality of our mortality will hit me, and I will wonder what will happen should I transcend to the next world before my children were all grown up. And most of the time, it will be horrible, horrible thoughts.

But today, I’m going to take on a happier approach to it – all thanks to Liza.

To understand how it all started, it actually began with this picture:

(Obama Selfie (Getty / AFP)
Image source

I guess there isn’t much for me to explain the setting of this place, and why these very important people were all in black suits and in one same location. We all know why. But just in case I’m reading back in years to come, and my memory has failed me beyond what Google can dig up, this photo of (from L to R) British Prime Minister David Cameron, Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, US President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, was taken at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service in Africa.

So Liza mentioned how she would want her own funeral to be like (I won’t say it here cos I think she’s going to blog about it), and that’s when I remembered what I wanted for my own funeral!

So here’s the main check list:

☐ Decked in my favourite colours

As of today, my favourite colours through the years include Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, White, Yellow, and Green. I want each colour to have all their shades included. And I don’t care how anyone’s going to do it, I want all the colours incorporated and tastefully used! Use these colours for the photobooth, table setting, balloons and streamers, my coffin – there’s plenty of ways to put the colours in!

☐ Music – Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys

No doubt about this one. This one is VERY important. I don’t care how old everyone is at that time. I’m going to imagine that I will die of old age. And so my friends might all be old and wrinkly, white haired, holding walking sticks and have dentures in their mouths. But when the music blasts, “Backstreet’s Back, ALRIGHT!” I expect everyone to scream and fist pump!

☐ A Runway

Say what? Well, this is largely inspired by this section of 2013’s Victoria Secrets Fashion Show:

Except, instead of the song ‘Trouble’ by Taylor Swift, I want Britney Spears’ ‘Till the World Ends’. Ok, maybe not, with lyrics like ‘Cause I’m dying for company’, it might just freak some people out. Haha!

After some research done on the lyrics on all the various songs I love, I think ‘Never Gone’ by Backstreet Boys will make a really nice sending off song for me.

So I want my pallbearers to catwalk me down the runway to my hearse. To this song. And the march that everyone takes, while following the hearse, before finally boarding the bus to get to my final resting place? Just keep playing this song, board after the song ends after the 7th repeat. Hehe. Why 7? I don’t know. Maybe cos it rhymes with heaven. Haha!

☐ VERY good food, especially desserts!

I love my food, and I love my desserts. I LOVE MY CAKE. I haven’t thought of what design I want yet, but maybe a naked cake (no exposure of privates please) like this would be nice:

Image Source
Roses are good, cos my Chinese name has ‘Rose’ in it,
and I want a single rabbit popping out of the cake instead.
Simply cos I’m born in the rabbit year!

A naked cake should suit the occasion well. I did come into this world in my birthday suit, so I shall leave with a naked cake for guests to eat! And the flavours! Very important! Plain ol’ vanilla flavoured cake with salted caramel cream cheese. Sounds yummy? Hehe.

☐ Door gifts

I love taking photos of people and objects, and I love being in photos. They are the best things ever. And so, I want everyone to go home with a pocket full of polaroids in a customized album for this beautiful celebration – A celebration of my life!

Either that or everyone gets to bring home something a little more practical, like a nail clipper, cos I cannot stand long nails. Haha. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure there’ll be equal parts girly nail clippers and manly nail clippers for the ladies and lads to take home. Haha.

☐ Dress Code

This is more of what I want to wear, rather than what guests would be wearing. If I can still fit into my dress, the one I wore when Sean and I got married (legally), I will want to wear that.

With a matching pair of white wedge (I think I’ll still be very much in love with wedges then), I think I’ll be good to go!

And that’s about it, I think. That’s the main bulk of what I dream of what my funeral will have. I hope we’d have all the money in the world to give me such a big sending off!

Oh ya, one last thing, the party’s for one night only!

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