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Bedok Reservoir Park and IKEA Tampines

January 20, 2014

On the very first day of 2014, we brought the children to Bedok Reservoir Park for some outdoor fun. It was an awesome day out! We saw a man fishing, and we saw him catch two fish at the fishing deck! It was an amazing sight which got the children super excited!

After blasting a couple of these photos on my Instagram, and a conversation followed after, a play date was set up with Adora, Liza, and Lynn!

And all this was done in the spirit of finding and sharing fun places for children (for free), as started by Adora 😀

Nakayla was actually pretty freaked out by the sand. She cries whenever her feet touches the ground, but I have no idea who or what made her smile in the above picture! She absolutely loves the swing, while Blake prefers to play with sand and the slides. Hehe.

Blake even made a new friend! The boy showed Blake how to play with the toys, and Blake just followed as shown! Hehe. They played right up till the time when we saw the gloomy skies.

Not wanting to let the skies dampen the day out, and also cos when I asked Blake if he wanted to go home or continue playing, to which he replied, “Play!”, we headed to the next nearest place for free fun play indoors – IKEA Tampines!

While the older children went to have fun in Småland, Blake and Nakayla played in the recently renovated play area within the restaurant premises.

Nakayla definitely felt more at ease here, happily playing from one station to another. At one point, Blake even went to get a stool for Nakayla when he thought she was tired from all that standing! The both of them had so much fun together, and with other children. It’s so funny seeing all the children making new friends, forming alliances to take down a bully etc. Haha!

It was a good day out, and I’m so glad I let Blake skip school! Hehe.

Know any places where children can go to play and have fun for free? Leave a comment, or hashtag #funforfreesg on Instagram of a photo of your child having fun for free!

* * *

Directions to Bedok Reservoir Park
Bus services available: 5, 18, 21, 22, 28, 59, 65, 66, 67, 69, 168, 228
Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT (EW5) and take any of these bus services from Bedok Interchange: 18, 66, 69, 168, 228 and alight at the bus stop after the T-junction (To get to the end nearest to the playground, take bus 18, 69, 168)
For drivers: Take PIE towards Changi Exit 8B Bedok Reservoir Road

For directions to IKEA Tampines, please visit their website here

  1. My girl also turn 1 in Jan! 🙂 the strawberry prewalker shoes is so cute. can i know where did you get it?

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for visiting my blog! You can get the same strawberry shoes from Baby’s Breath Funk Feet Singapore 🙂

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