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January 23, 2014

So recently there has been a video of a young child demanding a teacher to apologize to him in a local primary school circulating on Facebook. There is no escaping from it at all.

I didn’t watch the video in full, but it got me thinking, “What if my children turns out like that?”

I spoke to Sean about it, and he assured me that it won’t happen. But, if it did, we agreed that “somebody gonna get a hurt real bad”. (Video contains vulgarities. Proceed with caution.)

This was when I told Sean about two very simple parenting tips I read on Irene’s blog – Memories and Model.

I like how easy it is, and within our own control.

It’s definitely doable, especially when a child is as young as Blake and Nakayla. They are basically still a blank white canvas, waiting for us to paint on. If anything, I think this is the time for us to develop their future subconsciousness. Hehe.

But what if the child is much older, and have more or less developed their own thoughts and subconscious? It won’t be easy to paint something new on a piece of canvas that already has multiple coats of paint on it, but I am sure there are many ways to re-create something and making it beautiful together. With different strokes and colours, it can be done.

It’s because of that that I honestly believe it is never too late for anyone to change and become a better person. I know I am one such person – still doing my best to become a better person everyday. And I’m more than a quater-century old!

For parents like myself, who constantly worry for their children, I believe that we can still re-gift new fond memories to our children, for them to look back on (and hopefully, replace all the not so fantastic ones).

And, through our own constant self-improvement, I believe that we are showing our children that everyone makes mistakes (no one is perfect, ok?), and everyone can be given another chance to become a better person – no matter how old they are.

All these will be doable as long as we believe it can be done, and we actually get down to doing it. It will also help to be positive and happy.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the way we can help Singapore and the people living in it – as long as you’re in Singapore, you’re a part of it! – be happier (this is from a whole other not-so-pleasant viral video altogether).

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