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First Day of 2014 as Family

January 7, 2014

Wow! Can you believe that 2013 is over just like that? I think 2013 has been an unbelievably fast year for me!

The very first day of 2014 saw us lazing around for most parts of the morning, and in the late afternoon, bringing the children to the playground. It was the first time for Nakayla! But boy, oh boy! You probably wouldn’t be able to tell cos she’s such a natural!

She climbed up all on her own!

Soon, the playground got a little to crowded, but mainly cos the big kids came to play with Nerf guns, we decided that it’s best we leave. But nobody wanted to go home yet, so we took a stroll to the park!

While we were at the fishing deck, we saw a guy fished two fish out in a matter of minutes! I overheard him telling a couple who was around for the second catch that it’s rarely so fast and easy. Haha! I think the children brought him some kind of beginner’s luck! The children were both super excited by it, and Blake kept pointing to the reservoir saying he saw a fish or two. Hehe.

But the happiest thing for me that day was that we managed to take family photos!

It’s really tough trying to take photos with two active toddlers now!

And now, very abruptly again, ending my first blog post of 2014 (that’s not a giveaway) with a compilation of photos and videos of my 2013! 😀

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