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Spring Clean 2014

January 13, 2014

What did you do over the weekend? For me, I finally did a spring clean for house! It has been something that I’ve been procrastinating to get done since I can’t remember when. And on Saturday, I finally started doing it! And I’m still at it today!

It must have been like 3-4 years since I last did a major spring clean (i.e. the entire house, including Sean’s wardrobe!), so imagine the amount of things we threw out!

The main objective for this spring clean was clearing out Sean’s side of the wardrobe, which was always left out whenever I did some decluttering, since the very first day we moved in. That’s 8 years worth of clothes left sitting in his wardrobe collecting dust and taking up space!

It was really easy and fast clearing out his wardrobe, as compared to mine (cos I’ll take a while to decide if I really want to throw that dress or top out). But looking at the amount of clothes all bagged up, and the size of the bags, I was really scratching my head as to how to get them all down to the recycling bin without any hitch. By hitch, I mean the plastic tearing on me while I’m lugging it down to the recycling bin.

Then a call came. The husband said he met a rag-and-bone man along the way (Sean was bringing Blake to the playground), and he asked the uncle to come up to our place to collect the clothes.

The total weight – 50kg!

As you can see from the photo, there are 2 red bags at the bottom. Those two are in ‘original’ packing. I had used disposable plastic table cover to hold all the clothes. Haha! The rest of the bags tore while the uncle was packing it up to weigh, and were placed in the uncle’s recycling bags instead. Thank goodness Sean sent the uncle up! I can’t imagine lugging the bags to the recycling bin, only to have it tear, and the clothes dropping all over the place!

Before he left, the uncle told me happily that this was his biggest loot ever for clothes at a go, and he could easily earn $100 or more with this amount of clothes. Haha. Glad I made his day, cos he made my day too! Not only did he come and take all the clothes away for me, but I earned a little more than $15 from just clearing our wardrobe! Yay! No lugging and fearing the plastic will all tear on the way down! And money that paid for lunch! Woohoo!

Right now, I have another 2 red ‘disposable table cover’ bags, a Rubi shoes bag, and the big green Kiddy Palace bag sitting in the living room. All filled with clothes (I don’t know where they pop up from!). And it’ll be sitting there till the uncle comes again tomorrow. Hehe.

Oh, and guess what? Sean told me that it was Blake was initiated a conversation with the uncle! Blake said ‘Hi’ and then ‘Bye, uncle! See you tomorrow!’ to him, which got Sean to ask the uncle if he collected clothes! Hehe.

Hurray for decluttering! More more more!

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